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Discussion in 'Chat' started by W5HRO, Aug 29, 2017.

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    Take the quiz and see where you stand. You may actually shock yourself and won’t want to admit to it :eek::lol:


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    Wow, in the eyes of California you are a bigger racist than me :lol:

    Many people wouldn't like what they find if they took the quiz.
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    And how do I answer to this I employ more Mexican workers then white guys always have. Why do I do this not because of some affirmative action BS because they work their ass off, show up on time, and are happy to have a job. The other part of the work force tend to be drunks, and druggies, and do nothing but complain. Haven't hired a younger white kid in a long time that was worth a shit they show up late, no ambition to learn, on the phone all the time. What's funny about the test is I really don't agree with Trump as much as it shows so what's with that? Also surprised Hillary came in at 13% what the HELL policy do I agree with her? I can see the leaning towards Libertarian not Gary Johnson though, Jill Stein this is also unknown must be some environmental issue I greed too.
    Any that was a fun test to take.
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    I know its possible to fix typos right after we post something, but several hours later its not possible why not? Never fails I visit an older thread and find something wrong and there's now way to fix it :mad:
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    I just got out of the pool and was cooling off. I bought one of those mounts that sticks on the back of the TV for the Roku box since that's what I will be using from now on and I cleaned up all of my wiring while I was at it.

    Anyway, the time limit for post edits is an hour. Typos are not really any big deal, but most BB's have the same time limit for editing. One of the main reasons is to keep disgruntled immature members who get pissed off ftom coming back and deleting everything they posted because it does happen. They will often come back a just put an X in all their posts.
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    People tend to go by the impression they get and via the media. A lot of the time they will identify more with a candidate they don't really like based on that impression. You actually agree more with Trump than you realize and I bet more that you actually agreed with other past Republican presidents and you just don't realize it.
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    I wonder how Ricardo, K8MLV (sk) would feel about the politics of today? I attach a picture of his vehicle from days long past.

    Ricardo lived out his last years in Pueblo, Co. He was often on 75m AM, and was known for long transmissions. Ozona Bob, W5PYT (sk) would often key up on top of Ricardo, and say something like, "The weaker they are, the longer they talk"!

    There is a video floating around where Dave, W6PSS and Ricardo K8MLV (sk) paid a visit to Astabula Bill, W8VYZ (sk). That was a classic!


    Ricardo Protest Car.jpg
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    Ralph Nader was nothing compared to what's happening today.
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    What happened to all of W8VYZ old home brew radios after he died? Can't imagine trying to figure how all that crap is put together friggin wires going every which way, place looked like an accident waiting to happen. Was the guy married? If so did she take a shovel and shit can all of it.
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    Most of Bill's stuff was modified military radios, transmitters and receivers. A few HB items like the outboard slicer for the BC-348. He did have the pieced together HB transmitter connected together with wire, but it was all in separate cabinets. I think his wife is still alive.

    I'm the one who put that video online back around 2008/2009. David, PSS sent me a DVD copied from his old video camera's tape right before he moved to the Midwest. I still have the DVD files here on my iMac and the DVD itself. Back in the 1980's he had put together some VHS tapes of it and passed them around.

    Here's is a pic David took from the wall in Ricks rear house building in Colorado. This is where that came from too.

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    CW op's to the rear of the bus WHAT!:twisted:
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    I converted and uploaded that video and this time it’s the whole thing. It was in VRO file format which is becoming obsolete so I figured I better convert it now before the software is no longer available to do it.

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    You know there have been some recent polls lately and even I myself have been sent one and took it and the results basically show that most republicans and swing voters approve of Trump in general and give him favorable numbers. However, those same polls show that most republicans and swing voters disapprove greatly of the current republican controlled senate and the house and give them very low numbers.

    I don't know about anyone else, but if I was a republican senator or congressperson right now I would be really worried because you may get hammered and sent home packing after the 2018 midterms. At the same time the democratic senators and congress people also have very low numbers, but they are just slightly higher than the republican’s numbers. You know what that says? It says the majority of America wants change and want Trump to succeed even if some people won't admit it.

    If I was Trump right now, I would go right to Bill Clinton's playbook, but do the reverse. Move to the left and start acting like a Democrat now and steal the agenda they are trying to start like Sanders healthcare. That will shut down the democrats and wake the republicans the fuck up. It looks like that might be what he is starting to do and it just may work.
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    K8MLV sorta looks like Javier Bardem from No Counrty for Old Men which is one of my favorite moves from the Coen brothers.
    I think that what he's starting to do the stupid Republicans are afraid of their own shadows they have control and they still do nothing useless POS's. Mich Mcconnell needs to go now along with trader McCain I could make a long list, but we all know who's who.
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    Hey by the way David, W6PSS sent me a pic of his XYL almost 10 years ago. She would be 79 or 80 today, so how old would David be today here in 2017?

    Long long time ago... Has anyone heard him lately? I heard him on 20-meters on 14.286Mc AM about 2 years ago, but what about recently? Is he SK now or is he still kicking?

    Most of us old white guys who live here in California have a thing for Asian ladies so its not surprising :mrgreen:

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    Great flick. Never met vyz - my loss. Brian, interesting political comments. I back because of Linux which I'm currently running. I don't have any "protection" on Linux 'cause it doesn't need anything

    73, Al
    Linux Rules!! :biggrin:
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    You shouldn't have any problems with your windows box and chrome browser here on this site. All you have to do is disable the VPN and whitelist the site and that's it. There is nothing here on this board that will do anything. I use an adblocker and stuff too, but if I don't disable it on here I get a few blocked errors just because the adblocker isn't 100% reliable. It doesn't seem to hurt anything, but running the risk of having the adblocker interfere with one of the basic functions of the board isn't worth it.

    This is a ham board so nothing is going to happen, but if someone like Equifax can get hacked then I want the extra protection here just to be safe. Just understand that I'm not trying to make anything difficult. It's just using common sense in this day and age.
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    Well, I honestly don't think the republican senators or congress people get it yet. They still think Trump's win was a fluke, but in reality, it wasn't. They have been constantly trying to deny him success on purpose and it's unfortunate. I think they are actually as stupid as Hillary Clinton's campaign was and most modern democrats are in general. This time if the republicans lose control of the house and senate it won’t be Trump’s fault. It will simply be because they had a golden opportunity and blew it. The problem is they are all corrupt and in someone’s back pocket and that’s why they are not happy.

    People may not like Trump, but when it comes down to it those same people still want change and right now he’s the only thing they have got. The bottom line is the republican senators and congress people are going to be the ones who will pay for it and not Trump. Mark my words.

    Like said if Trump is smart, he should move to the center and just slightly left and start acting like a democrat on the key issues. Steal their agenda before it’s get started and before they can take over the house and senate. Don’t wait until after it already happens like Bill Clinton did. Start doing it now before it’s too late and then maybe it won’t happen or if it does maybe it won’t be as bad.
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    All of us better hope that this crashes and burns and they are unable to pass it.


    What they really want to do is completely eliminate both the mortgage interest payment deductions and the state and local property tax deductions both. Now they know they have a problem so they want to compromise and give taxpayers the option to choose only one. Well FUCK them! Hell, I'm in the top 12% income bracket here in the U.S. but I still need both of those deductions, otherwise it will cost me. GOD DAM FUCKING REPUBLICANS! Give the top 1% a tax break by screwing the middle class. Same old thing. This may surprise everyone, but I'm not really a republican. I did change parties and to republican, but it was because I cannot stand what the nutcase socialist democrat party has turned into. Mainly because I live in California and they are like Nazis here, seriously.

    Here’s the thing though, Trump is not the problem. It’s all the god dam corrupted republican senators and congress people. I honestly believe like a lot of people do that even with Trump’s big ego he sincerely means what he says and wants to help people and make a difference and go down in history as the president who made a difference. So far, he has tried to do everything he said he would. When is the last time that has actually happened? He may be a billionaire, but he’s not a polished politician or a politician really and often doesn’t have a clue as to what’s going on. That should be evident by his many self-inflicted missteps. The point is what’s wrong with that? Even if he’s doing it for the wrong reasons like his big ego, if in the end it helps people and the country then so what?

    Everyone needs to speak up and fight these god dam republican senators and congress people and send then a message now. Even if it means losing both the senate and the house here in 2018.
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    This is exactly what I have been saying.

    Trump’s Senate critics see support collapse – who’s next?


    Corker and Flake are both out and they are not the only ones. The question is who's next? It’s a shame McCain is not up for reelection until 2020 otherwise he would probably be gone too.

    The only good thing about this right now is hopefully these guys are so pissed off that they will vote no on the God dam tax bill and kill it just out of spite. We don't want that to pass.
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    Here, they just announced the below. If the bill were to pass in this current form then great! It isn’t going to affect me. My mortgage (loan) is below 500K and my property tax is just a little over 8k a year so I won’t get hit by either one if it passes. The people who will get hit are the people who have homes worth over 1 and 2 million. They will still be able to claim some of it, just not all like before. The ones who will really get hit are the dam celebrities down in LA, good! When my home goes over a million I might get effected a little, but it wouldn't really be that much. It's valued at just about 900K now so in two or three more years it could go over a mil.

    This all has to do with people who live here in high tax states like California, New York and etc. All the blue states. They know the blue states won’t vote for Trump or the republicans so they didn’t care, but it looks like now they had to compromise a bit. The senate could change some of the bill before it’s over and null out the below and if that happens then I hope if fails and doesn't pass, but in this current form, great! I want it to pass.

    "House Republicans on Thursday unveiled their long-awaited tax bill which preserves the popular 401K retirement account, lowers rates for many individual households but trims deductions for state and local taxes.

    A summary of the plan, which was made available to reporters ahead of its public release, would also reduce the cap on the popular deduction to interest on mortgages to $500,000 for newly purchased homes. The current cap is $1 million.

    The plan also limits the deductibility of local property taxes to $10,000 while eliminating the deduction for state income taxes. Republicans in high-tax states such as New York and New Jersey had come out strongly against it.

    “I view the elimination of the deduction as a geographic redistribution of wealth, picking winners and losers,” New York Republican Rep. Lee Zeldin said. “I don’t want my home state to be a loser, and that really shouldn’t come as any surprise.”
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    Has anyone heard the latest? The Senate told Congress their tax bill is dead on arrival and they want to eliminate all state deductions and etc.

    I hate to say it, but best thing that could happen is nothing passes and the democrats regain control of both the house and senate. Go back to the way it was in the old days for years and years. A Republican president with a democratic controlled House and Senate. The main problem is the corrupted scumbag Republican senators. The House always has more common sense because if they don’t do what their constituents want they get voted out quick. The scumbag Senators are in there forever and it’s hard getting rid of them no matter how they vote.

    All I can say is it’s time for them to go…
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    How much do you want to bet that even with the current Roy Moore scandal he still wins the election anyway? I would just about lay money down on it.
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    So what's the score right now 50 Democrat perverts to 1 Republican. pervert? Maxine the mouth waters better start kicking her rhetoric up to bring down some more Republicans now that she's woman of the year :lol::lol::lol: what a joke!

    Of course there's this Einstein that said the island of Guam may tip over because of too many people. How the hell does someone like this get elected are we the American people really that stupid?