What's up with Budweiser?

Discussion in 'Chat' started by W5HRO, Apr 8, 2014.

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    I don't know what's up with Budweiser, but I guess ever since Bud Light Platinum became a big hit with really strong sales they decided to release another strong, but non-light 6.0% beer this time called Black Crown. It’s not available in many states just like the Platinum, but it tastes like imported beer. I just bought my second 12-pack.

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    Someone was telling me that years ago (not too long ago actually) when the micro brewery’s started popping up around the country that the big breweries had many of the inspectors in their back pockets. So, it took a new company a long time to get licensed to brew and sell beer. Well, as time went on the big breweries like Anheuser-Busch finally gave up and there are now so many micro breweries around that the big companies like Anheuser-Busch and Coors have had to step it up in recent years to compete because of declining sales.

    That actually all makes sense as too why Anheuser-Busch came out with Bud Light Platinum and now Black Crown. I guess its good for consumers, but its still interesting.
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    Having spent considerable time on 6 continents and many, many countries I can guarantee that there are many foreign beers that are pure p**s water before you drink it ::)

    Im not saying that the US doesnt compete in that category quite well also :lol:

    My #2 son, having spent close to 16 years of his USAF career in Europe and the close in former USSR Asiatic republics, has become a total beer snob and when he visits he either carries his own, picks up his favorites when first stopping in DC or NY, or drives to Boston once here.

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    Ever since Budwiser came out with Bud Light Platium and Black Crown other brewers have started to follow suit and now even Beck's has done it. I just bought a 12-pack of their new Becks Sapphire and its great. It's 6.0% just like Bud Lite Platinum and Black Crown. The new Becks is really smooth too just like it says :icon_thumbup:

    Several of the other U.S. brewers had also tried doing this new 6.0% thing recently like Miller, but it totally sucks. Don't buy the new 6.0% Miller beer because it tastes like shit. It's one of the worst tasting beers I have ever tried in my life. It's so bad :icon_thumbdown:

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    It's not actually brewed in Germany!

    From: http://www.usatoday.com/story/money/personalfinance/2014/08/10/beer-man-becks-sapphire/13771725/

    The name of the beer comes from the use of Sapphire hops, a recently developed strain from Germany called Saphir that's intended to be more disease-resistant than the similar Hallertau (sometimes referred to as Hallertauer) Mittelfruh hops. They are used more for flavor and aroma than for bittering.

    Beck's Sapphire is smooth and refreshing, with the added bonus of a fine hop flavor and aroma. I found it to be one of the better lagers on the store shelves.

    Here is why: It has no popcorn aftertaste like many mass-produced light lagers that use rice and corn. This is not Budweiser with extra hops. It actually has malt flavor, not just some thin, watery, beer-like taste. The hops are slightly herbal and grassy, easily noticeable in both the aroma and taste. There is little bitterness while drinking the beer or in the finish — just enough to cut the sweetness of the malt.

    It also does not have the background sulfuric quality I find in regular Beck's and some other German lagers.

    Sapphire is a beer that has been out for a while; common complaints about it include being called Beck's, although it isn't made in Germany, and it's not bitter or hoppy enough.

    Anheuser-Busch/Beck's/InBev is one big happy family now. If InBev wants Beck's beers to be made in the U.S. to save shipping costs from Germany, why not? As to the second complaint, I think too many beers are ruined by excessive bitterness. Sapphire is grown mostly for its aromatic qualities and is not a hop meant to bitter-blast the bejesus out of your tastebuds or fry your senses with pine and grapefruit.

    For all of its positive qualities, however, 6% ABV Sapphire does not topple the best German lagers from their positions at the top of the beer chain. It doesn't have the fresh grain taste or the tickly carbonation that the best lagers have.

    AB InBev's huge distribution network means Beck's Sapphire should easily be found throughout the United States.
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    Here lately I got hooked on Coors in the old late 1930's short brown style bottles. Out here in California its 5% intsead of only 3.2% and it tastes better.

    Anyway, I bought a 20 pack last night and there's nothing like that first little rusty taste you get when you pull the metal cap off of the old short brown bottles :icon_thumbup: