75-Meters What's up with 3885 ?

Discussion in 'Ham Bands' started by W5HRO, Nov 6, 2016.

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    For some reason 3885 is wide-open. Last night I was hearing the guys all the way to the east coast and this morning 7AM (now 6AM DST) PST I'm still hearing some of the guys in 4-land :icon_wtf:
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    Sounds like good propagation wonder how 160 is doing? I haven't turned a radio on in weeks guess I'm going to have blow off the dust, cycle all the switches, and give a listen. I probably missed the Stu Perry 160 CW contest already I think there's another one in January.

    Dang where is everyone seems you and I are the only ones here.
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    It's the time of year, now that the bands are opening up people spend less time on the Internet. The same thing happens during certain times of the summer as well and it gets pretty dead at times. Not only that, but the majority of hams here on the net are national socialist liberals and I'm sure they don’t like some of the recent topics within our Chat forum. They are usually afraid of what people will think if they post here. The difference is I don’t give a shit what people think and decided to make a stand a while back unlike many modem hams who get offended by what they read and hear. It’s like the small handful of times we had members from qrz.com leave because they told me they didn’t like the way I ridicule newer hams. Well, that was just their impression, but what they didn’t understand is I wasn’t ridiculing anyone, I just state facts and they couldn’t handle it. If they knew me they would know better. I have nothing against new hams, but if you are thin-skinned and always a crybaby instead of standing your ground then it’s nobody’s fault but your own. That’s what’s wrong here in American today, too many people are worried about always having to be politically correct that they have become afraid of their own shadows as a result.

    Anyway back to the topic, if it hadn’t been for that unexpected sewer line problem that cost me $6,000 when I was home the whole month of August I would have purchased that Zero-Five low band vertical antenna for 75 and 40-meters, etc. and put it up. That was my plan along with a few other new things for the house, but it shot my budget when it happened. I wanted a vertical for this coming radio season because right now I’m hearing those guys with just my cloud burning NVIS dipole. It would be 50 X better on 3880 and 3885 both if I had up a vertical so I’m still mad about it :twisted:

    I have not even tuned a receiver to 160-meters in the past 2 years so I would not know, sorry...
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    P.S. I have a hunch 75-meters will be improving a little every year now. I'm not positive, but think since the solar activity is dying the lower bands, especially 75-meters are going to improve as a result simply due to less D-layer absorption. I think that's what has already started to happen, but I have not fully researched it yet. The solar cycles are going away which means no more sunspot activity. No telling how long it will last, but some scientists are saying it could be forever. Who knows for certain though, it could easily start back up again in another 10 years. I have a hunch they may be correct and the sun is going dormant. It may stay like that for a very long time.