What projects do you have planned for the holidays?

Discussion in 'Chat' started by W5HRO, Nov 24, 2015.

  1. W5HRO

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    Well, I don't know about anyone else, but I have projects planned for the holidays that should keep me pretty busy. I will be off most of next week and then again the week after Christmas until after New Years.
    1. Currently working on my 4-400CG RF deck for my HB transmitter.
    2. Need to finish up the new T-368 exciter deck with the supplies for the exciter, negative peak limiter and the RF deck's AB bias for SSB.
    3. Need to finish up the matching HB antenna coupler/tuner for the transmitter.
    4. Need to refurbish my XCU-303 calibrator and hookup the filament regulation for it inside of the NC-303 receiver.
    Anyway, that's about it for me this winter I think. Luckily I threw up and installed my new antenna last month so I have that out of the way and won’t need to fight the weather now. It's pouring down rain here today. I still have other projects like recapping my HRO-50 and HRO-60 receivers, but I doubt I will get to those this winter at all.

    So..., what about YOU…???

  2. W5EFR

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    You seem to have a full plate scheduled!

    I have a couple radio and non radio projects I plan on working.

    Non- Radio:
    I'm building a cycle kart (adult go-kart, styled like a 20's-30's era vintage racer) moving under its own power (6.5hp motor)

    Restoring an old SBE Catalina II mobile 23 channel CB, looking at opening up the audio bandwidth, and after that gets ironed out, I would like to try and move it up to 10 meters

    Restoring a CM-50 Cunningham AM transmitter (50 watt output, cathode modulated)

    I'm sure some other stuff will crop up...
  3. N1BUS

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    Sounds like people are busy this year,
    I have been working on an audio sweep generator, I want to be able to sweep from 20hz to 20khz. To do this I have made a voltage controlled multivibrator that runs from 100 to 120kc . It has good linearity over a 2 volt range so adding a sawtooth sweep wave should produce good results. I'm going to mix it with a 10mc oscilator and then mix that with a fixed 10.1mc source to get 20hz to 20khz audio.
    I still have to make a cabinet for the 10 watt amp I made.
    And then there the parts for an 80 meter 5 watt am transmitter still sitting in a box waiting to be built, And that regenerative receiver that I have gathered all the parts and havent started yet.....
    But first I'm still looking for a job after being laid off at the end of September.
  4. W5HRO

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    Well, I have those 4 steps and my goal is to have step 1 done by the end of next week. I should have it 95% done by this next Tuesday.

    Step 2 is going to take me a little longer because I have order a few things. I'm trying to see if I can mount the T-368 exciter and the SB-10 side-by-side on the new rack. I found that I can still get the same size aluminum panel, but I'm not sure if it's polished like like ones I bought back in the early 1990's. I'm replacing the old bias supply rack I built for it back then and I may still be able to cut out the hole where the meter is for the exciter, but I'm not positive yet. I wish I hadn't installed that meter now back in 2009.

    Anyway, I soon as I get step 1 done I may start working on steps 2 and 3 in parallel to speed everything up.
  5. K4TQF

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    Project #1:
    Well... the AN/URC32 power amp has been "cooking" on the floor for several days. ( filaments only ) The HV power supply works... I pulled one of my typical bonehead moves the other day... I had the variac about 1/2 way up. Apparently, it's not linear. I stuck the probe with the meter set for 1KV on the 2KV bleeder, figuring I would see 800 volts or so. WRONG ! :redface: Scrap one cheap chinese meter ! Startled by my meter exploding, I reacted by withdrawing the probe from the bleeder and hitting ground at the same time... DOUBLE WHAMMY ! :redface::redface: Needless to say, I have ordered a decent HV probe & new meter. At least my left hand was in my pocket ! I still need to figure out the keying lines and interlocking work around. But, at least, I know the HV supply is working.
    Project #2:
    get the 24VDC solar panels mounted to the roof of the shed & wiring run to the charge controller in the shack. Hoist the last 3 of 6 200AH batteries onto the top shelf of the battery rack.( 140LBS each ) This will require rigging up some sort of sling to my chain hoist. Find red sleeving to cover #6 direct burial interconnecting cable ( it's about the size of RG8 ). Make multiconductor cable to connect dynamotor in the shack to rig in the shack above.
    Cover one wall of the shack with 75 YO knotty pine paneling.
    Project #4:
    Vertical... find all parts, check and assemble. Build matching box.
    re-start 4-400 AM rig project.

    These should keep me going til spring and beyond.:icon_thumbup:
  6. N6YW

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    Greetings and Happy Holidays
    I have a lot on my plate aside from being newly married as of November 7th, it has been a whirlwind of acquisition
    of equipment, family stuff and finding time to get around to radio.
    I snagged the completion of the trifecta of Hammarlund pre-war receivers. I now own excellent examples of
    the SP-10, SP-100X, SP-200LX. These will be restoration projects that will require much work spread out over
    several months. I also have a beautiful National NC-100XA that is already apart awaiting paint and recapping.
    A Viking Valiant II with matching SSB converter has been brought to life but still needs some time to get her right.
    The newly acquired T-368E is home and awaits cleanup and on air tests. This is an unmodified unit with stock
    components and matching serial and date numbers which is rare. It was working several months ago.
    All of this is trumped by the fact that the shack needs a new floor, paint and electrical work, so much of this depends
    on when I get a chance to finish the room, because I have several beasts that require 240 volt single phase power.
    Finally, my Bauer 707 that is ready for 160, 75 & 40 meters. All I have to do is energize and provide exhaust ducting.
    I will be on 3870 tonight for the AMI West Net with the 1944 Hallicrafters BC-610-E and HRO 5TA1 rig, which is
    the standard AM rig I use for 75 & 40.
    Then, if you can grasp this... I am performing in 4 different music groups including New Years Eve. That's 4 different
    bands that concentrate on different styles of music ranging from Country, Rock, Blues, Soul, Funk, Roots, R&B
    and Folk. I am a man of many hats to say the least.
    I had better heat up my soldering iron lest I forget how to even work on these things!
    73 de Billy N6YW
  7. Gary Crandell

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    Trying, in what free time I have, to get my boatanchor station up and running for the heavy metal and cw "contests" coming in late Dec and early January. Viking 2 is newly refurbished, by the 3000$ viking 2 people I might add. They did a beautiful job on it. It looks and operates like new. $1000 complete including the viking 2 core. A good value for me as i dont have all the hours available to do such a nice refurbishment and repaint job. My hq 170a has quirks. Hopefully some thing simple as the receiver won't turn on (clock works though). Also need to install an end fed antenna.
    73's. N6OYS

  8. W1VTP

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    Congrats Gary. Enjoy the V2. I'm working on mine also.
  9. Gary Crandell

    Gary Crandell Member

    Thanks. I have other projects that will have to wait. Perhaps till retirement. An HX500 and AMmer Sam Thompsons Collins 21e. It was a pain to move. WA6EGG and I bought it off Sam a couple years ago.

    IMG_2271.jpg 130603_0012.jpg All 3 cabinets moved into weight room.JPG 2_23_02_07_6_19_24_0-1.jpg
  10. W5HRO

    W5HRO Administrator

    That's one of the cleanest Viking II's I've ever seen. Has the cabinet been repainted? That one would probably bring $500 easy.
  11. N6YW

    N6YW Guest

    Absolutely stunning, best example I have ever seen. I would like for Gary to describe who did the work and how long it took.
    Thanks for sharing.
  12. N1BUS

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    Gary, that Johnson radio looks like a nice rig. And the refurbishing looks like it just came from the factory. Do you have any pics of the inside? Do you have any before pics?
  13. W5HRO

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    Why do I get the feeling the $3000 Viking II eBay guy is Gary :lol:
  14. W6MQI

    W6MQI Member

    I think your right the test equipment in the back ground is the same, also noticed the add on ebay has ended.
  15. W1VTP

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    A quote from Gary: "Viking 2 is newly refurbished, by the 3000$ viking 2 people I might add."

    I did a little work on my V2 today. It's no where near as good as Gary's but good 'nuf if it works. I didn't see any shorts in the LV / HV supply lines. That's good. Brian. Did I ever post pics of my V2 here? Might start up a thread as I progress. I just don't remember

  16. W5HRO

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    Look at the eBay pic below and then look at Gary's pic in this thread. Look at the bare wooden bench top and the meter in the background with the same orange button on it's far right.

    Needles to say I figured it out when I went back and looked at it after one of the recent comments withn this thread, but not W6MQI's comment. That's why I was laughing :lol:

  17. Gary Crandell

    Gary Crandell Member

    The restoration is performed by W7DUZ in Cornelius, Oregon. See my other recent post for further info on the viking 2.
  18. W1VTP

    W1VTP Member

    Yup. That's the one. They do good work albeit drastic such as removing the oil filled condenser. I think they upped the values probably to reduce PS hum. Nice work. I'll never do that kind of work

  19. W1VTP

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    So my Viking 2 is not nearly as nice as Gary's. Here are some preliminary photos. I have checked for PS shorts (as in crapped out caps) and there are none. Next, I'll pull the tubes and flame on to checked for crapped out xfmrs. I put a light bulb in series with the line and turn on. The 6 watt light should be dim.

    Assuming that's OK, I'll replace all the tubes and flop the LV / Fils switch with the DVM hooked up to the top of the LV line - there should be about 300 VDC. Along with this step is a check for drive ultimately to the grids of the 6146's. After that, put a dummy load on it, flip the HV and see if it plays. Did I miss anything?


    VIKING 2 FRONT ( comp).jpg VIKING 2 TOP.jpg VIKING 2 BOTTOM.jpg
  20. W5HRO

    W5HRO Administrator


    See the output-tuning network with the gears and the roller inductor below from you pic? It's going to make the perfect output network for the screen modulated driver final connected to the 4-1000A linear. I may be able to make the whole thing an L-network instead of a pi to the 4-1000A cathode. That's next years holiday project though.

    Then maybe I can sell the front panel on eBay or to the guy up in Oregon for $1000 :lol:

  21. W1VTP

    W1VTP Member

    You know, that's a good idea (taking the original - non-19 1/2" panel format and replacing it with a 19 1/2" panel). We have a couple of machinist - ham friends who can do it. then the function lettering could be embossed and the panel painted to fit the rest of your transmitter. We have a guy Ken, W2DTC who stripped the whole audio section out of the chassis and modified the RF so that he could vary the drive from 1 watt to 100 watts. He used this to drive some VERY CALIFORNIA KW type transmitters.


    He made the switch over to a Flex 5000 and has never really sounded as good since but he has one hell of a signal out here on the East Coast.
  22. W1VTP

    W1VTP Member

    Not following why you would changing the pi to L on the output
  23. W5HRO

    W5HRO Administrator

    Well, say I want to couple a 4D32 to the cathode of a 4-1000A on the same chassis. A simple "L" network might be good enough and require one less knob. In the case of the V2's network with the gears where the roller inductor and the cap move at the same time, then maybe only one knob total. See what I'm thinking? It may or may not work, but then again it just might.

    P.S. I traced down the board error yesterday to an add-on that embedded the videos in-line. They must have changed something with this new v1.5.3 that made it no longer compatible with one of the media links in it so I had to uninstall that add-on. We really don't need it anyway because xenforo comes with the main ones built-in. I told the guy about the problem, but I don't think he believed me.

    That link in your post must have had just the right characters in it to cause the problem even though it wasn't a link to a media site like YouTube.
  24. W1VTP

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    Guess you will find out. It may be a perfect match - that is, after your dip the plate if you need more load C, the power to your 4-1000 may be adequate. You might want to think about Ken's approach with the Variac for the ability to present a 1 watt to enuf grid drive. It does work great. His Viking did him great service. As far as I know, he still has that unit but won't sell it unless it's a pick-up.

  25. W5HRO

    W5HRO Administrator

    Actually what I was thinking was the below which would follow the rule of the K.I.S.S.


    The plate will still dip, but it would dip right into the input of the 4-1000A in grounded grid. I think the Viking II coil can probably handle +600Vdc on it, maybe.., if I mount the frame on ceramic standoffs and have a ceramic insulated coupler going to the spinner tuning knob. The 4D32 would be screen modulated and I'm thinking I can still get the necessary drive into the 4-1000A. The neat thing about the 4D32 is that because of the screen and it's higher voltage you can get 150% modulation out of it easy, unlike with 6146's..

    Anyway, that's enough for now because this will be next years holiday project. It would be built on a new chassis and cabinet anyway and probably one that matches my HB plate modulated transmitter.