What are these guys thinking?

Discussion in 'Chat' started by K4TQF, Jan 20, 2015.

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    As I troll the internet looking for parts sources and ideas, charts, etc... for homebrewing, I occasionally run across insane stuff like this; "...this 3 tube amp delivers 6000 watts output
    with 250 watts drive...". :icon_wtf:
    What can these guys be thinking? Are they old CB operators who come from the " land of no rules" ?
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    You must mean the below, but the URL no longer works. Maybe the Italian FCC shut him down, but he also has a U.S. ham call too :icon_problem:

    I5UXJ - Taking the GS-35B to high levels, this 3 tube amp delivers 6000 watts output with 250 watts drive. Just goes to show you what can be done if you're into it! See it at: http://i5uxj-2.cln.it/amp/amphf1/amp1.html


    I knew a guy back in the late 1970's who lived in Catoosa Oklahoma and built big amps for CB'ers. I can remember one amp in particular that had like six or eight 3-500Z's in parallel and it was built in about a 4 foot high roll around cart with Peter Dahal transformers mounted on the bottom shelf. Then it had stained wood around the top where all of the knobs and tubes were, etc. The guy was a ham too.

    Some of those guys got/get really serious...