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Discussion in 'Amateur Radio' started by BBurns, Apr 8, 2014.

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    Hello Brian et al,

    The private hamfest that was many months in gestation finally took place. It was a swap of some ham gear and some woodworking stuff for ham gear from the estate of an SK. I ended up with a couple of tube testers, an SX-28, and a Viking 2.

    The tube testers are in nice shape due to being in cases, but the SX-28 and Viking 2 were pretty rough. The SX-28 has been sold to Olaf KF4TP back in NC who has restored five of them. It is a very early model with geared bandspread, so I'm glad that an experienced guy has taken it on.

    The Viking 2 turns out to be very dirty up top, but clean below chassis. I'm dickering with a fellow in LA for a Viking 1 which runs a 4D32 in the final, and am at sixes-and-sevens about whether to keep the Viking 2 as a parts rig (transformer insurance) or find somebody who wants to restore it. I would like to hear what the consensus is on that.

    I have this silly prejudice against 6146's left over from my impoverished youth, so I'm a lot more willing to put in the time and effort to get the Viking 1, with its 4D32, up and running. RFI and TVI are a thing of the past out here in the country with optical cable and all, so I don't think the Viking 1's lack of shielding will be a problem.


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    It wont be a problem unless you still have neighbors using old TV's with antennas on their roofs. Even with digital converters connected or even new TV's it still might be a problem. There is a mod for the Viking I because it did have one really bad harmonic, but I cant remember what the mod was. If you search around the web you can probably find it. The Viking II's came out after the I's because when TV sets started popping up in every household back in the 1950's the Viking I's just killed them.

    Anyway, the 4D32 is the better choice because you can get really high positive modulation peaks that you cannot get using 6146's. I wish my Viking II had a 4D32 instead :'(

    Post some pics if you have them or when you get them.
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    The VII used the VI chassis, in fact Johnson sold the Vii 6146 subassembly as an almost bolt in mod for Vi owners. An easy HB swap also.
    I agree about 6146's and even with audio mods I keep it at 75W for 100% modulation in AB1, distortion goes up rapidly at more RF unless its converted to a real AB2 system.