630-Meters UTC notificaion

Discussion in 'Ham Bands' started by W6MQI, Feb 12, 2018.

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    What is that for? Do you have to apply for authorization to operate there?
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    Here's what the FCC has to say.

    Section 97.313(g)(2) of those rules requires that, prior to starting operation in either band, radio amateurs must notify UTC that they intend operate by submitting their call signs, intended band(s) of operation, and the coordinates of their antenna’s fixed location. The new rules do not permit any mobile operation.

    “Amateur stations will be permitted to commence operations after a 30-day period, unless UTC notifies the station that its fixed location is located within 1 kilometer of Power Line Carrier (PLC) systems operating on the same or overlapping frequencies,” the FCC said. PLC systems are unlicensed. “This notification process will ensure that amateur stations seeking to operate [on 630 or 2200 meters] are located beyond a minimum separation distance from PLC transmission lines, which will help ensure the compatibility and coexistence of amateur and PLC operations, and promote shared use of the bands.”

    Right now I have no way of operating down to 630m just want to see if I do get a system together I can at least operate form my location. Still looking for a O-16,or O-17 low frequency plugin for the ART-13.
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    Do you get ER? My friend Mike WU2D did a nice dual band low frequency transmitter. I did the photography for it as he is almost walking distance for me to his QTH.


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    Real nice Al thanks for posting which issue or issues is the write up in? I always like WU2D YouTube channel I wounder if Mike will eventually post a video on the LF radio.

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    The most recent in the series appears in ER issue #346, March 2018. That's a good starting point - go back from there. I don't know how far back it goes. I was made aware of the project when I was called in as the photographer for the project.

    DSC_0028aB.jpg DSC_0041aa.jpg DSC_0046.jpg
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    That's WAY beyond my abilities hats off to WU2D for having the stick-to-itiveness to complete the project.