Two antennas to one coax line for better reception

Discussion in 'Antennas' started by W5HRO, Mar 13, 2018 at 12:22 PM.

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    I very seldom use my small Yagi on the roof below for TV anymore now that I have the good Apple TV box and almost 30MB of internet download speed, but I still need it for a backup. Part of the problem is two or three of the stations still drop out from time to time even with the mast mounted preamp so I stopped using it.


    What I was thinking of doing was adding another Yagi on the mast pointed in another direction to solve the problem. I first thought use 4 antennas, but that might cause problems and 2 should do it anyway. They started making the below splitter/filter adapters below for doing such a thing. I think if I mount another antenna and then run both into the box below using the same length of coax, then connect the output of that box to the input of the mast mounted preamp just below it, it might work.