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    Saw a news headline at another site that was shut down by the moderator about the end of amateur radio in the south west I'm assuming this is what all the fuss was about.
    The designers have installed all the panels on the south side ( Mexico side) which is normal due to the position of the sun. So what the hell will keep the Mexicans from destroying the panels hope they have a plan for this? Also I'm sure there's plenty of people that live close by worried about RFI as well, lets hope this will be addressed as well that would suck to live by a 2000 mile long grow light. I have several neighbors close by with solar panels on their roofs, as far as I can tell I'm not bothered by them at all just the plasma TV's.
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    I don't think it's the solar panels themselves, but is the equipment you connect to them. The main problem is they are exempt from FCC Section 15, Part B. Does that mean we are transitioning to clean, but noisy electricity instead?

    FCC Part B
    One of the major problems with solar and DC power equipment is that almost none of it meets the standards for FCC Section 15, Part B. Nearly all appliances and electronic equipment sold today for consumer use in homes must comply with FCC part B - which regulates the maximum amount of EMI that devices (such as TV's) can radiate. That is why you don't get a lot of noise from your microwave and coffee grinder. But nearly all DC and solar equipment is exempt from Part B. Which means that they can put out a LOT more EMI and still be legal.

    Main Sources of Noise
    Any digital electronic equipment produces at least some noise. And nearly all equipment now used in photovoltaic (PV) systems is digital. The most common real problem equipment is charge controllers, DC lights, and some modified sine wave inverters. Nearly all charge controllers do not send a steady voltage/current to the batteries, but are pulsed. And high power digital pulses are one of the worst EMI sources.