Truman vs Dewey Again?

Discussion in 'Chat' started by W5HRO, Sep 28, 2016.

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    I dont know about anyone else, but this years presidential election sure has all of the signs of being another Truman vs Dewey upset with Trump being Truman this time around.

    I can already see it now, "Hillary Defeats Trump"

    Oh wait, no she didn't :lol:

    CNN said Hillary won the debate. Why do so many polls seem to say otherwise?

    This is exactly what I have been saying, the media is so biased that they are tying to sway public opinion that Hilliary is going to win in an attempt to make it happen. Tonight CNN has Obama on and if the American public cannot see and figure why then the average person is just plain stupid. The media is worried because they know Trump can win. That's what's going on.

    Like I said, it sure looks like another Truman vs Dewey upset unless the average person is just so dumb today that they cannot figure it out for themselves. Back in the late 1940's people new better when the mass media wasn't as wide spread and as corrupted as it is today. Now-a-days, people tend to easily become brainwashed after they see and hear something a billion times over and over.
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    We will see after Sundays debate, and this latest audio clip of Trump not talking too nice about some female ouch! Not that Billy the whore hopper has never said anything like this oh no Hilary says he's a saint all his affairs were tramps that misled poor Bill astray. Whom ever wins it will be by hundreds or less votes not thousands its going to be real close maybe another Bush, Gore type election.
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    Yeah and it’s going to get nasty tonight because he has to go after Bill and Hiliary’s treatment of his mistresses. He has no choice now. It's completely obvious that the mass media wants him to lose and for good reason and they are doing everything they can to try and stop him. The bottom line is their (the mass media and celebrities) movement is still the minority in American, but they have the demographic geographical locations to win due to the way the electoral college is set up. All she has to do is thread the needle like Gore tried to do back in 2000. Gore actually did win that election though and was just robbed. It’s going to be much easier though for Hiliary unless Trump can find a way to get her.

    I still think the polls this election are not telling the real story like they have done for the past several elections. This one does have the potential for an upset.
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    The Hillary folk keep deflecting the stuff Bill did as president because that was a long time ago, and are jumping all over Donald for that audio tape. But aren't they being hypocritical since that tape was from 2005, 11 years ago. Also Donald was a Democrat then. Seems like all the media are treating Donald as if he said those things two days ago.
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    The media's spin on last night’s debate is even funnier than the last one. The first debate was pretty much a draw I thought with maybe Clinton doing just a tad bit better. Last night however, Trump did a much better job and really got to her and made her look bad. At one point she started to look a little pained. Did no one else notice that? I guess the media didn't. Will it make a difference though? probably not...

    Too many Americans today have become such crybaby politically correct weenies because they are being brainwashed by a corrupt minority based socialist movement that is slowly paving the way to a communist society and they are just too dumb to see it.
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    The wife made me turn the TV off for my own health that woman makes me very ill along with her predator husband. From what I did see Trump came out firing all guns this time unfortunately the Republican establishment wants him out they would rather have Hilary in office, and loose the Supreme Court as well. Yep say good by to the USA we used to know it's open boarders, mass immigration of Islamo fascist, free health care, free this free that, more rights removed from the 2nd amendment, a Mosque on every corner like Star bucks coffee. Oh yea higher taxes to pay for all the free entitlements she will be offering to all the immigrants that never paid a cent into the system. She will also have a shit load of people to pay back after she gets elected this November not just Americans, but foreign interest groups as well.

    I went through a whole paragraph without calling her a bitch, man I must be slipping.
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    Good find! I love it. Thanks
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    Yeah, and most are hypocrites. Men talk about women like that when they are together and boast and brag to each other. What's being completely overlooked is the fact that women today talk about men in a similar way when they are together as well. People need to get real and stop pretending they are so offended because it is B.S.

    The real problem though is with Christians. Most today are fake and also hypocrites. Some of the most hypoctrical people I have ever known have been Christians or at least that’s what they claimed to be. That has been the main problem with the Republican Party for a long time. When Trump first picked Pence I thought it was a good idea to try and mend the party somewhat for now, but I have since changed that opinion. Just think if Trump won and was in there for 8 years. The last thing we would want is for Pence to be the next nominee. He should have picked Gingrich instead.

    Anyway, all of the polls show Hiliary will win, but something in the back of my mind keeps saying don’t forget what happened with the election in 1948. Wouldn’t it be just hilarious if the polls are wrong and Trump wins? It would be a real shocker especially in this day and age when everything is supposed to be so scientific. It would be a major blow to the media and make them and lots of Americans look really stupid :icon_thumbup:
    Here's an article that poped up on the Huffington Post yesterday where the writer is saying "Here’s Why Smart People Believe The Nonsense That Trump Might Win."

    He is exactly right, but at the same time the one key demographic everyone seems to keep overlooking are white males with college degrees just like myself. I’ve seen some of the polls for that particular demographic and he a Hiliray have been pretty much tied the whole time. The big question is how many of them (us) when they (we) walk into their (our) polling places, when push actually comes to shove, will vote for Trump simply because Hiliray is a women and because of everything that has been going on?

    The whole time they have kept referring to and have focused solely on uneducated white males and they just assume college educated white males will vote for Hiliary. The election will be won or lost by how the educated white male votes and not how the African American or Hispanic votes, etc. That is the key demographic which will determine the outcome plain and simple. Are there enough of us to do it? It’s probably a long shot and unlikely, but never say never.
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    Get off your duff Brian and get down there and vote! All us uneducated deplorable types will be there trying to pick up the slack :biggrin:
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    The XYL and I vote by mail, but we have not received our ballots yet. Normally they come over a month in advance. I looked on the Santa Clara website and it said they were supposed to be mailed out on the 11th. We did finally receive the big thick voters’ guide yesterday. They said on the news the night before last they are around 1000 volunteers short this year so they are way behind, but if ours don’t come by Saturday I will call Monday and raise hell. That’s what I had to do the last time before the primary when we switched parties. I simply don’t trust them. I can almost guarantee you there will be corruption this year here in California with the votes and the system. I say that because of what happened before the primary and right after we mailed in those ballots we received survey requests via our email addresses we registered with. They asked for our salary’s (incomes) and who did we vote for and we told them the truth. It wouldn’t surprise me a bit if they don’t mail ballots to people like us whose answers they didn’t like and I’m serious. I know how corrupted the system is here in Santa Clara County for example. I’ve see it first-hand and more than once.

    Anyway, we will vote for Trump, all Republican for the house and senate races and yes to the legalization of pot :mrgreen:
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    I think Texas will be the last state to legalize medical marijuana. Using it for recreational use? Never happen here unless the purchase is illegal. A few years back I was a perspective juror in a case where a young man had a unused, and sealed package containing a bong. He was arrested for possession of paraphernalia. I raised my hand and said it is perfectly legal to purchase this in the state of Texas, and the state has no problem with that because they collect sales taxes on the purchase. I was told that this was true, but as soon as a person makes a purchase like that, and walks outside from the head shop they are breaking the law. I was then excused.. I presume they put a drug offense on this young mans record, and fined him $500. Total BS if you ask me.


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    Currently in Vegas and took a nice photo today.

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    Looking good Brian. So what's the word like on the streets of Las Vegas regarding Trump?
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    I think it's about 50-50 with Trump having just a slight edge over Clinton there. Don't believe the BS polls. Why do you think Obama was there?

    Anyway, on Sunday they completely cleared Tropicana and Las Vegas Blvd for miles each way because Obama's motorcade was coming through. If they didn't do that someone would probably shoot him like JFK. They had to clear everything. I don’t know whether they do that for all presidents today or it’s just because Obama is a liberal like JFK was. Although JFK wasn’t a socialist like Obama and his connected cronies are or like his brother Teddy was.

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    Professor who’s correctly called every presidential election since 1984 predicts Trump will win

    Donald Trump speaks during a campaign rally. (Photo: AP/Evan Vucci)

    Oct 29th, 2016

    Hillary Clinton may still be ahead in most national polls, but at least one expert remains convinced that Donald Trump will be our next president.

    American University Professor Allen J. Lichtman, who has accurately predicted the winner of every presidential election since 1984, first forecast a victory for the GOP nominee during an interview with the Washington Post last month. Granted, this was before the release of the now-infamous “Access Hollywood” tape, followed by mounting allegations of sexual misconduct, which Trump has attempted to counter with claims that the election is rigged and that the media is conspiring against him. Meanwhile, the tense presidential debates concluded with the suggestion from Trump that he might not accept the outcome of the election if he is not the winner.

    Despite all this, however, Lichtman has not wavered from his prediction.

    “By the narrowest of possible margins, the keys still point to a Trump victory,” he told the Post this week.

    As Lichtman noted in this latest interview, he is not a “psychic,” nor does he “look into a crystal ball.” Rather, his projections are based on a unique system that relies on 13 True/False questions, or “keys,” to evaluate the strength of the incumbent party.

    “An answer of True on these True/False questions always favors the reelection of the party in power,” Lichtman explained. “And if six or more of the 13 keys are False, the party in power, the party holding the White House, is the predicted loser — any six or more.”

    Until last month, he said, the Democratic Party only had five keys against it. The final key that led Lichtman to make his prediction that Trump will win was “the third-party key, and that is based on an assessment that you would expect the third-party candidate, in this case the Libertarian candidate, Gary Johnson, to get 5 percent or more of the vote.”

    While “severe and unprecedented,” Lichtman said that the problems created for Trump by the “Access Hollywood” tape and subsequent sexual assault claims did not ultimately change any of the keys.

    Still, he provided “two major qualifications” to his projection, noting that “I’m not a hedger, and I’ve never qualified before, in 30 years of predictions.”

    The first qualification is that, according to Lichtman’s system, “it takes six keys to count the party in power out, and they have exactly six keys,” one of which requires that at least 5 percent of the popular vote go to Gary Johnson.

    “He could slip below that, which would shift the prediction,” Lichtman said.

    The other qualification is Trump himself.

    “We have never seen someone who is broadly regarded as a history-shattering, precedent-making, dangerous candidate who could change the patterns of history that have prevailed since the election of Abraham Lincoln in 1860,” Lichtman said.

    Though his system, which was developed by studying every presidential election between 1960 and 1980, has proven to be a reliable indicator of election outcomes for the past 20 years, Lichtman admitted that “this election has the potential to shatter the normal boundaries of American politics and reset everything—including, perhaps, reset the keys to the White House.”
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    Wow Brian that's quite the matzo ball this guy is hanging out there with his prediction. While I'm not a super fan of the Donald he needs to win for other reasons which we have already talked about. With the rhetoric coming out of Hilary's pie hole, and Washington about the Russians, Syria, and basically the whole damn middle east is scary she could easily start WWIII she's more of a hawk then Trump I think. Well I'm waiting on the edge of my seat till next week if she wins the insane have truly taken over the asylum.
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    Maybe Wiki leaks, and the FBI are having an effect now. :lol:
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    This just keeps getting better and better :lol: It was already bad enough that CNN quietly cut ties with Donna Brazile, the acting Democratic National Committee chair and a longtime contributor on the cable news network, after hacked emails published by WikiLeaks revealed that she had provided questions to the Hillary Clinton campaign in advance of a town hall and debate hosted by CNN during the Democratic primary.

    Now this....

    Hacked emails show Clinton campaign communicated with State

    Talk about October surprises, this has turned into an October and November surprise and 1-week before the election :lol:

    Looks like the media has no choice now, but to admit what's going on and it falls right into Trump's claim that the system is rigged.
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    If she gets elected it will be the first time in history that a president is sworn in on one side of the inauguration podium, then turn around to the other side to be impeached.
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    Gotta feeling nothing will become of this again same old shit Obama will pardon her or if she gets elected she will pardon herself SNAFU please don't let me be right.
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    Like I said, this election sure has all of the signs of being another Truman vs Dewey upset...

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