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    Well, I went back to work last Tuesday and have just been swamped with catchup work, but it's getting to be that time of year again. The weather is turning colder, the leaves are starting to fall from the tree's, etc. We all know what the means, radio season is near. I have just a little bit more cleanup work outside, but I should get started back on my radio projects either tomorrow or by next weekend.

    Here's my to-do list and in the planned order below...

    1. Finish the DC regulated filament supply upgrade mod in the NC-303 using the new transformer and T0-3 package regulators. Was almost done with it this last spring.
    2. Put final touches on the 4-400CG RF deck for the HB transmitter.
    3. Finish-up on the matching HB antenna coupler for the transmitter.
    4. Build the new T-368 Exciter / SB-10 deck which will be the AM/SSB exciter for the HB transmitter.
    5. Recap the HRO-60 receiver and maybe the HRO-50.
    6. Start back working on tearing down, cleaning, and modifying the BA-1K transmitter.

    Somewhere in the mix I may decide to quickly throw in the Viking II transmitter just to have a quick temporary transmitter to put back on the air like on 10-meters if opens up any this winter, but I'm not holding my breath. I just need to quickly finish and fix the 6146 control grid bias modification issue. Everything else was done, but I just never finished that last part. I still have the 10-meter Yagi up for now so it might be worth playing around with it one last time this winter.

    I do also have another way to RF drive the HB transmitter temporally before the new exciter deck is finished, but we will see. I may just mount the T-368 exciter and the modified SB-10 chassis on the new deck, but only wire-up the T-368 exciter to work on AM first and finish the SSB part later.

    Anyway, that's my plan and project list for this winter, but number 6 on the list probably won't happen until next summer, but we will see. I did rent a dumpster again to throw away all of my excess debris from all of the home improvements I did outside and inside and I did also clear out the garage so I finally have room to work again and also here in the freshly repainted and cleaned out shack. I may swap numbers 5 & 6 on the list and do the receivers after.

    The 4-1000A linear amp project will be on hold for at least another year or two so I didn't even add it to the list, but I will finally get around to that one as well sooner or later.

    I will also play around with the phase rotator board I ordered on eBay connected to the D104 experiment sometime soon and I will probably just work on it one weekend when I have some down-time from the other things on the list like if I’m waiting on a part to arrive that I had to order for some reason.
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    Well, its Wednesday night and I don't have to go back to work until next Wednesday the 30th. Happy Thanksgiving…

    I have number one on my list done and just trying to finish up the last thing on the receiver now and I should have that done by this Friday. The XYL is going to the casino and to shop Friday with her sisters so I can finish it up then and slide it back into the cabinet.

    Anyway, as always I'm a little behind, but I should be able to throw the homebrew 4-400CG RF deck back up on the table and start working on it again before going back to work. I just need to finish one more thing on it before sliding it back into the cabinet as well. Then the matching antenna coupler is next so I can finally fire the transmitter up on the air after 17 years. I wish I had a small ricebox though to temporally RF drive the RF deck with, but I guess I will need to drag the heavy TX-1 out in the garage and use that again attenuated way down like before. I hate doing that though. I might decide to purchase myself an xmas present next month instead, but we will see. I will be off again the whole week before xmas and after so more time there as well. It will take me some time to get the new T-386 / SB-10 exciter deck started and finished.

    On a positive note, we found out today that ADI has decided to leave our profit sharing alone for one more year and our 6-week paid sabbaticals every 5 years will be grandfathered in forever. They agreed to let all Linear employees keep that benefit forever. Thank god! The merger should be completed sometime this coming January.
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    Wow! Loosing either of those bennies would be pia!!
    Hoping your good luck continues in 2017!!!
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    Yeah, its just the profit sharing that will go away starting 2018 which is really going to suck. Rumors are they may just give everyone a 20% pay increase then, but it still won't equal the profit sharing amount.