They just refuse to die

Discussion in 'Music' started by W5HRO, Mar 31, 2015.

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    The Stones refuse to quit. They just announced another US tour today that starts down in San Diego on May 24th. Now it's another tour in the big stadiums.


    It's been announced that the veteran rockers will kick off their new North American "Zip Code" tour at San Diego's Petco Park on May 24. They're expected to visit 15 cities, wrapping July 15 in Quebec.

    In a statement, Mick Jagger promised the show would deliver the hits: "We are looking forward to being back on stage and playing your favorite songs!"

    The new trek follows the Stones' "14 On Fire" tour of 2014, which played Asia, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. The stage design for "Zip Code," according to a press release, will include "a thrust that extends deep into the audience allowing the Stones to interact directly with their fans."

    The announced dates and venues are:

    May 24, 2015 San Diego
    May 30, 2015 Columbus, Ohio
    June 3, 2015 Minneapolis
    June 6, 2015 Dallas
    June 9, 2015 Atlanta
    June 12, 2015 Orlando
    June 17, 2015 Nashville
    June 20, 2015 Pittsburgh
    June 23, 2015 Milwaukee
    June 27, 2015 Kansas City, Mo.
    July 1, 2015 Raleigh, N.C.
    July 4, 2015 Indianapolis
    July 8, 2015 Detroit
    July 11, 2015 Buffalo
    July 15, 2015 Quebec
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    I actually already bought two tickets for the 1st San Diego show on Sunday May 24th. We have been wanting an excuse to drive down there again and take our daughter to the zoo so it will be good timing during Memorial Day Weekend.

    Anyway, tickets don't even go on sale until April 13th, but I went to the Petco Park website and ordered two $400 ones and already have reserved seats in a certain row. It's from the ticket company connected to the stadium so they have first dibs and are already assigned tickets in certain sections. Basically as soon as Ticketmaster starts selling them on the 13th they will just print them out and FedEx them to me. They just charge a small service fee per ticket for doing it. That way I wont have to get on TicketsMaster's website and fight the crowd and server traffic trying to get good seats. Hopefully Keith has his shit back together now. We will see I guess.

    Sympathy for the Devil on Sunday :twisted:

    I can just imagine the number of religious protesters that will show up for this one :lol:
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    Not a Stones fan, but they either love their music (which I believe) or they need more money for the whatevers : ) Nother against the Stones, just like the older stough : )
    73 fer now KE9XQ
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    They are still doing it because they like it and probably also for the money somewhat. They have always been hardcore Capitalists :icon_thumbup:

    I've seen them so many times now that I can't even remember how many times its actually been, so I might as well keep going. The very first time was at the Indy 500 Speedway back in 1972 when I was a really young teenage boy. I walked into summer camp that year at Syracuse Lake wearing the infamous tongue logo shirt and became friends with a slightly older kid who happened to be John Mellencamp. We were actually out in the boat on the lake listening to the radio tuned to WOWO when they announced the Stones were going to be at the speedway in a couple of days and we both looked at each other and went lets go!

    My uncle kept an old 1960's Chevy Impala in the detached garage at my grandparents cottage at Lake Wawasee which was close by Syracuse Lake. We hitched hiked to the cottage the night before the concert and hot wired the Impala and drove to Speedway, IN where Indy is located. We climbed over the fence and slept under the bleachers all night and kept hidden the whole day until the concert.

    Anyway, I'd like to go back to Indy and see them again there since I don't think they have played there since that 72 show. That would be really cool, but the San Diego show will just have to do. I wonder how many people will try to get them not to do the Indy show because of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act? I saw Johnny (Mellencamp) on the news the other night speaking out against the Act, but he should know better. I doubt the Stones will say or do anything and will just do the show as planned. By the way Johnny looks really old now. Man he has aged :confused: Are we all really that old now?
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    Now that sounds like the old stock car days here in LaCrosse, we did not hide all night, but did slip through an old cemetery and snuck in in order to see the races : ) Hope you get there to see 'em fella... 73 fer now Bill KE9XQ
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    What does this have to do with AM Ham Radio???
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    This is the Chat forum, doesn't necessarily need to always be about ham radio. Do you know what the term "ragchew" means? When you are on the air do you always talk about ham radio and never any other subjects?
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    Which reminds me. I'm getting a couple of rigs together, one is an HW 101 and I have not played the AM nets for YEARS, so anyone have a list of frequencies and times??? 73 fer now Bill KE9XQ
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    Oh, and we used to listen to the Stone's on AM radio back in the day and one of their old sound engineers was a ham so there... :lol:
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    I've had excuses .ike that too : )
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    Rolling Freaking Stones !!! I cropped the barcodes off for obvious reasons, but I think you get the point :mrgreen:

    ticket_1.jpg ticket_2.jpg
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    Gonna take some ear plugs
    with ya??? : )
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    Yeah, I usually do to knock it down some when its a big stadium show like this one. The Stones have always been the loudest...
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    Went to a concert half a dozen or more years ago, loved the group, but was so sorry I went. TOO loud, and I could have bought half a dozen albums and enjoyed them over and over again : ) Any more those tickets are ridiculous : )
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    Hey, I came across the photos that I had posted on the old board when we went to the Stone's 50th Anniversary show here in San Jose back in May of 2013.

    1.jpg IMG_6687.jpg .
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    Some Folks are just gluttons for punishment. :lol:
    Bill KE9XQ
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    Since the Stones are re-realsing Sticky Fingers on May 25th the day after the show in San Diego I decided to dig through my old album collection.

    I found the old master copy of it below that was released back in the mid to late 1970's. I also still have the original one from 1971 that has the real zipper on it plus the original 45's of Brown Sugar and Wild Horses that came out before the album. Side B of Wild Horses has a completely different version/track of Sway on it and I always preferred it better than the one that was released on the actual album. Not only that, but the singles always sounded better than what was released on the albums. I still have the original 45 of Start Me Up as well and there is no comparison to the track that was released after. The original single is still way better.



    Also remember this non-related song below, Indiana Wants Me?

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    I do remember : ) Also I concur that there are some version of a tune that make the 'cut' while other versions should have. I have a collection of Johnny Cash songs in MP3 format that take up 4 CDs and these songs are all the released tunes, plus all the unreleased tunes that never made it from the worthy of release cutting floor so to speak. Some of them are fun cut ups and some are where you mess up a word or something to that effect, but never the less worth my time, a fun listen. Haven't hear Indiana Wants Me for a long time now : ) Wonder if it's on you tube : ) Probably : ) 73 OM Bill
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    The song was popular in Indiana back then of course. Every time they played it on the radio while driving in my dads car we always turned it up. That 45 is the original one I had back in 1970 too. They just don't make great one of a kind songs like that anymore.

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    Neat you were able to put that up for us : ) I agree they just don't know most of the time as to how to write good music any more : ) Been lamenting that now for years! 73 Bill PS my HW 101 is almost done at the fix 'em up shop...
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    Yeah, now-a-days entertainers don't have any real talent and the majority of the music is just fake electronic crap. The kind of crap you get from American Idol, The Voice and etc. I can hardly even stand listening to the radio anymore. Once in a blue moon though someone comes along that does have talent and Carrie Underwood would be one of those examples. She is really the only American Idol winner who has ever done anything since winning that contest and still is.

    Anyway, as far as the Stones are concerned at least they don't lip-sync anything for fake playing and they never will. They may not be in their prime anymore (which was a few decades ago) but at least it's real and they still have more talent than most of the modern groups around today. As a matter of fact, most of the young artists wish the Stones would just go away because they still win the awards for being the best live concert band around. Every time they win the awards the young punks at the award shows have dirty looks on their faces every time the Stones win instead of them :lol:
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    I see by your turn table you love your
    music ; ) I have quite the collection myself,
    much of which is converted to MP3 format.
    what other types of music do you like?
    Mine is mostly old rock n roll and country
    but I found a bunch of rockabilly that has
    some great rythem. Some of the newer stuff
    is a little too risqué for me, but love the
    older stuff.

    Noticed at Barns and Noble today they had
    a whole bunch of 33 1/3 albums for sale. I
    heard over the years LPs were on the comeback,
    but now I'm beginning to see it for myself ...

    73 OM
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    That's not me or my video. I found that on YouTube.

    One of these days I need to buy a new turntable before they do stop making them. After I moved everything out here from Tulsa I threw mine away along with my old Realistic receiver. They were both really old and worn out. My albums have been in a big box out in the garage. I've been using my computer sound system attached to my iMac, but that's gotten really old and mp3's don't sound near as good as the old home stereo stuff did. Even a lot of CD's don't sound as good as the old vinyl did. Anyway, ones of these days...

    I like the old classic rock best, including blues and some country music and even some of the old big band stuff like Glen Miller.
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    Had a VERY hard time passing up an old
    Hollow State AM FM stereo Floor model with
    turn table today : ) $10 and would have loved
    to part t out if in fact s was not much good.
    But was using. Was sung the wife's Ford Torus
    and even the trunk was full or I'd have tied it
    down : ) Love that sound of heavier speakers
    on heavier cabinetry.

    It may sound funny OM but I do like a little crackle
    hiss and pop once in a while. NOT too much mind you
    but the sound of an old stereo or even a mono turn
    table reminds you of the 50s and early 60s.

    I did have a mono phono graph a few years ago, but
    it had a little tinny sound to it, so I parted it out and
    saved the audio, ps and such for a potential receiver
    project some day.

    73 OM
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    I think we have sacrificed quality for convenience. It's easy today to press a button on an mp3 player or on a computer the change songs, CD's and etc. Back when you had vinyl you had to manually select songs and albums one at a time. If it was on reel-to-reel, 4-track, 8-track or cassettes you had to fast forward and rewind.

    Some modern recordings do sound better on CD's except for many of the old classic analog recordings that have been converted to CD's or mp3's. I still have old albums from the original presses that sound way better than the modern CD recordings of the same albums. And most of the original 45's still sound the best regardless because the were usually from the very first unedited press of the tracks released before the albums they were on came out. When they eventually did come out on the albums they usually didn't sound as good and were often a slightly different version of the original track all together. The old 45's of those hit songs are still the best. The original 45 of Brown Sugar I have for example has the voices at the beginning and at the end of the track from the guys in the control booth. At the end one of them, either Glyn or Andy Johns breaks in and says "That's more like it" and then Keith goes "Yheaaaaaa..." and then the track ends. That's what I mean by the 45's being the original press of the tracks before they were edited for the albums. And they almost always sounded better than the tracks released on the albums. And, those old analog album recordings usually sound even worse now when they are digitized and transferred to CD's or mp3's. The loss is actually pretty significant despite what many believe.

    Now, we could also get into the old 78 RPM's, but that's sort of another discussion entirely. Mainly because back in those days recording techniques were still pretty primitive and everything was recorded straight from mics to the tape. Like the old saying goes, garbage in garbage out. Plus it was mostly all single channel mono stuff back then.