The Rolling Stones "secret session" from someone who was there.

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    I used to repair Jim's equipment when I lived in Memphis. The Stones story starts around 1:29:00
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    No video or link in your post.
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    "No video or link in your post" Dumbass at work..

    The way Jim tells it, they had a few days left on their 1969 American tour. Back then the union would let you get a performing permit or a recording permit, but not both. They wanted to record in Memphis, but would have been instantly recognized and pandemonium would have ensued. Not to mention that they were violating union rules. So, Where to go? How about Muscle Shoals, Alabama?. Nobody would recognize them down there. So Dickinson was called by Stanley Booth to come down and play on the session.
    Great story.

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    Jim Dickinson on recording with of the Stones in Muscle Shoals.

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    Old, old, old, news. Some of the scenes from the Muscle Shoals sessions first appeared in the Gimmie Shelter movie right after the Altamont disaster.

    If I'm not mistaken isn't that Jim sitting next to Keith in the pic below?
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    You know, the thing many people never knew or just never will know is the Stones were always about the groove, but you had to know how to find it. It's there in those recordings and it was total perfection, just play the first track from the Exile on Main Street LP or CD for example.

    The groove...

    Hint, you have to slow down :icon_angel: :mrgreen: :ugeek:
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    Back in the 70's, I was talking to Sam Phillips about recording. He told me the story about John Prine coming into Phillips studio to record. They were working on the song "Saigon" . They called Sam at home and asked for his help as they just couldn't get it right. His son Knox was producing/engineering. So Sam shows up at the studio and has a listen. He then turned to Prine and asked, "do you know what half speed is? it half of that !""

    Yes, that is Jim on the couch.
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    Funny, I just saw this post, I must have missed it.

    That’s what's called half-time (The groove....) What I was talking about was slowing down to where the Stones were when they recorded it. Remember in the YouTube video you posted where Jim said when he came back that Charlie had a big smile or grin on his face? Well, what would help put that smile or grin on his face? Were his eyes a little red at the time? :mrgreen: