The "Media" and why we should no longer believe it/them

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    Okay I'm going to rant here then I'll shut up.
    Many people think the Civil War of 1860-1865 was fought over one issue alone, slavery. Nothing could actually be further from the truth. The War Between the States began because the South demanded States' rights and were not getting them.

    The Congress at that time heavily favored the industrialized northern states to the point of demanding that the South sell is cotton and other raw materials only to the factories in the north, rather than to other countries. The Congress also taxed the finished materials that the northern industries produced heavily, making finished products that the South wanted, unaffordable. The Civil War should not have occurred. If the Northern States and their representatives in Congress had only listened to the problems of the South, and stopped these practices that were almost like the taxation without representation of Great Britain, then the Southern states would not have seceded and the war would not have occurred.

    I know for many years, we have been taught that the Civil War was all about the abolition of slavery, but this truly did not become a major issue, with the exception of John Brown's raid on Harper's Ferry, until after the Battle of Antietam in September 1862, when Abraham Lincoln decided to free the slaves in the Confederate States in order to punish those states for continuing the war effort. The war had been in progress for two years by that time.

    Most southerners did not even own slaves nor did they own plantations. Most of them were small farmers who worked their farms with their families. They were fighting for their rights. They were fighting to maintain their lifestyle and their independence the way they wanted to without the United States Government dictating to them how they should behave.

    Why are we frequently taught then, that the Civil War, War of Northern Aggression, War Between the States, or whatever you want to call it, was solely about slavery? That is because the history books are usually written by the winners of a war and this war was won by the Union.

    It was more about preserving the United States and protecting the rights of the individual, the very tenets upon which this country was founded. I personally think that the people who profess that the Civil War was only fought about slavery have not read their history books. I really am glad that slavery was abolished, but I don't think it should be glorified as being the sole reason the Civil War was fought. There are so many more issues that people were intensely passionate about at the time. Slavery was one of them, but it was not the primary cause of the war. The primary causes of the war were economics and states' rights.

    Slavery was a part of those greater issues, but it was not the reason the Southern States seceded from the Union, nor fought the Civil War. It certainly was a Southern institution that was part of the economic system of the plantations, and because of that, it was part and parcel of the economic reasons that the South formed the Confederacy. The economic issue was one of taxation and being able to sell cotton and other raw materials where the producers wanted to, rather than where they were forced to, and at under inflated prices. Funny, it sounds very much like the reason we broke from Great Britain to begin with. The South was within their rights, but there should have been another way to solve the problem. If they had been willing to listen to Abraham Lincoln, perhaps the war could have been avoided. Lincoln had a plan to gradually free the slaves without it further hurting the plantation owners. He also had a plan to allow them to sell their products anywhere they wanted to and at a fair price. They did not choose to listen to the President, however, so they formed the Confederacy and the Civil War began.

    Thanks to the race hucksters like Al Shapton, and the brain washing of the young in schools history is now being rewritten before our eyes its really unbelievable. These people really are like Nazi's and they can't even see that just more proof that liberalism maybe a mental illness. They won't be happy until the United States and its constitution are destroyed. So what kind of utopia do they want? Do they think taking down Confederate sautes is some how going make people less racist? I think not it will only cause more divide. I have friends whom are Liberal and they think this is wrong as well the Democrat party has been hijacked by the Alt-left, media is its mouth piece, and the schools are the re-education camps.
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    That's because Lincoln turned it into being about slavery after the war started. It was done to try and gain political leverage and support which he was lacking at the time to justify the Union's cause and what would come after the war ended like during reconstruction. He needed an angle to hang it on and it was all political.

    You know what the really funny part is? Lincoln and his party were Republicans and the south were mostly Democrats. So, what does that say? It says slavery was mostly supported by the Democratic party and not by the Republican party. Funny how they cannot admit that today and are still trying to turn things around and make it like the Republicans are the ones who are racist.

    The big problem today is you still have the nutcase KKK (former democrats) who wave the confederate flag and then the other nutcase white supremacist groups who wave the Nazi flag and they give everything a bad name. They do not speak for the majority and are not really even part of it, but yet people associate it with that and is where the real problem lies. If you didn’t have those uneducated KKK idiots much of this stuff with the flag and the monuments wouldn’t even be happening. It’s their fault.

    The other part of the problem is most of the scum-sucking left-wings protesters are not from this country. They are made up mostly of illegal Mexicans, South Americans, Asians, and other nationalities and many of the ones who are legal now started here illegally. Then you have the scum-sucking white ones who are actually worse and are the ones who helped them become legal in the first place. They join in and encourage them to do it to gain a political voice so they can keep receiving government benefits and handouts. They actually think America owes them something. They have no concept of what working for something even means and they just want a free ride from your tax dollars and mine. Perfect definition of socialism.
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    Another example of how bad today's media really is and the effect it has on the stock market and an unsuspecting dumbed-down public. I don’t believe for a minute this was an error, I think it was reported incorrectly on purpose.

    Even with Brian Ross’s of ABC later correction they still have the facts wrong. Flynn claims that he was directed by the white house transition team (not Trump directly) to contact Russia after the election. He then lied about it to the Vice President and the FBI which is the reason he was let go early on. It's funny how the media doesn't seem to remember that.

    What it all boils down to is absolutely nothing, yet the corrupted and biased media is still looking for anything they can to stop Trump and promote their progressive socialist agenda. The problem is they should be held fully accountable under federal law when the result does something like effect the stock market or anything financially related. Much in the same way people who commit crimes that effect ecommerce can be prosecuted. These news networks and the people who intentionally report fake news should start doing prison time because of it and for real.
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    Funny, to quote myself...
    Trump urges investors who lost money after 'false' ABC, Brian Ross report to sue network
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    Lots of folks in the market try to protect themselves with a stop loss, or a fixed % trailing stop loss. In a case of what happened Friday due to Brian Ross "deliberately miss-reporting" the truth, I am sure lots of investors got tripped up, and their shares automatically sold at the days low point. So yes, the losses could be a lot. If you look at Mr. Ross's record over the last 20+ years, he is well known to run with a bad story just to get the ratings of being the 1st to break a story. His punishment is 4 weeks without pay? How about 4 weeks in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba in the cell of a Afghan Taliban. :-)