The best solution against illegally car parking

Discussion in 'Chat' started by NewWave, Apr 14, 2017.

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    best solution against illegally car paring...

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    I have even a better solution, drop a MOAB on them :icon_thumbup:

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    Yes, it's a nice 10 Mil. $ cigar !!:icon_thumbup:
    I follow the developments here to, but like to know what's in Trump his mind if the N Koreans have a Nuclear test again the coming days.
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    We need to take out North Korea quick when they and the rest of the world least expects it. Kim Jong-un is a complete wacko and cannot be allowed to have nuclear weapons at his disposal. He is a major threat to the entire world.

    I don’t care about what anyone says about Trump. In my opinion we finally have another president after all of these decades. We here in America were on the verge of letting the socialist party (the new democratic party) lead us on a path of vulnerability to where we would never be able to defend ourselves against these real-world threats. They have their heads up in the clouds. What do you do, go to Syria and maybe even Korea like they would have done and just try to police everything to where nothing ever changes? That’s what Lyndon Johnson did back in the 1960’s and it was major major fuck-up! It’s a shame Barry Goldwater didn’t win the election back in 1964. North Vietnam would have been eliminated in an instant.

    Anyway, people today still criticize Harry Truman for example for dropping the bombs on Japan instead of going over there and fitingting a long hard battle for years and years. He had the brains enough to take care of it quick so the world could move on. Don’t get me wrong though, George W. Bush was probably one of the most retarded presidents we have ever had and that Freedom Caucus currently within the Republican party is about as stupid as Bush W was. It would be nice if everyone here in the U.S. and the rest of the world would finally wake up. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure it out.
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    Might be a little collateral damage, donchathink?

    On Truman. Anyone who reads history books on the Great War and WW2 cannot but be moved with the tremendous loss of our wonderful boys who stepped bravely into the breach and saved civilization. To me Truman's decision was a no-brainer. It saved millions of American servicemen lives. Truman did the right thing - he did think very carefully about the implications of using such a weapon but in the end there was only one decision: the one he made.

    Countries and their population need to recognize their responsiblity to maintain civilization. Left to the thugs of politics we would all be in fear of our lives.
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    My father at 17yrs was set to invade Japan he figured he was probably going to die some where on mainland Japan. Worst case KIA was around 1,000,000 if it wasn't for Truman's decision to drop the bomb on Japan more then likely I wouldn't be here today. They say Trump keeps flip flopping on his campaign promises I say BS its called dealing with all the turds left behind by Obama. I flip flop all the time one has to be able to adapt as information comes to light the world isn't linear its dynamic one has to adjust or die.. Also I believe Trump really needs to lean on the Chinese to solve the DPRK problem if that despot fat ass pig fires off another nuke I sure hope Trump thinks twice about what he does it could easily end up being a shooting war with those wacko's. And now the Russians are back in Afghanistan helping the Taliban great another turd in the shit pile. "O" did I mention those missiles launched by the DPRK that splashed down in the ocean turned out to have U.S. designed guidance systems inside designed by the Loral space systems. Lets see billy bob Clinton made a deal with China while he was in office he had Loral space systems go to China to help them with their space program since they were having guidance problems with their systems. I wonder what we got in return actually I should say what did billy bob get in return? So no that the hillbilly whore hopper sold the U.S. down the crapper the DPRK has U.S design guidance systems all they need now is a better delivery system, and San Fransicko is toast.
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    This is in my Dutch mind about all the problems we have now.

    North Korea must be stopped.
    All they want to achieve is a missile system that can threaten the USA.
    If you look at the TV, you get the idea that everyone is behind this ass hole.
    But believe me, more than 60% would prefer democracy in N Korea.
    If China is no longer on their side, this fool will come to their senses.
    If he still continues with these nuclear experiments, there is only one way to stop it, flat bomb all installations.
    To start a war by boots, I would think it's crazy at such odds people who live there.

    About Trump I can say this.
    at first I thought only Clinton, but nothing would change, they would continue the Obama administration.
    Every time I saw Clinton on TV, I saw a fake smile on her face.
    She would only want to polish her own ego.
    Obama could put good thoughts in public widely, but Trump has done more in this short time than Obama in eight years.
    He is the only president to fulfill his election promises.
    It was time for this change, the world is tired of just words without deeds.

    The biggest mistake made by the US was to put W Bush on the highest seat in the White House.
    Along with Blair from the UK (Ms.Thatcher butts scraper) they were sure that Hussein had chemical weapons.
    A big raid was the result ... Not even found a bottle chemical clutter.

    Saddam Husein once told a Western journalist, when the West is going to interfere with us, you are stabbing your head in a hornet's nest... And Yes, he was right !!

    The whole refugee problem that we have here was due to the stupid idiotic decision by Bush and Blair to scare Saddam Hussein.
    These refugees do not fit in our Western culture, in any way ..
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    I have a customer from Holland that's afraid for her own country's well being the Muslim hoards have just destroyed the place. They won't assimilate they want to change the place into another turd world 7th century country managed by Sharia law how do you see it in you own view? Don't hold back:icon_silent:

    I do agree the DPRK Absolutely needs to be taken care of, but right now though I think the Chicoms junk yard dog of which they have fed, and nurtured needs to be choked to death the by Chicoms first. Trump has a few playing cards left in his deck to pressure the Chicoms into dealing with this malefactor I just hope he doesn't do something he'll regret.
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    Your customer lives somewhere in the west i think, if i read these words about the destroyed place.
    my house is located in the east, 3 km from the German border, we don't have these brainless Allah freaks.
    For me is the German language easy to speak and to write, because I'm born and raised here in this area and I was living / working in the early 90's for five years in Germany to. So if you have problems by translate something, let me know.;)

    These third generation Allah bla - bla stinking garlic Muslims. They claim to be born in Holland,
    but raised between four walls with 24/7 satellite TV on the channel of their country of origin.
    Turkish and Moroccan people are raised to dominate other people, they tolerate their own wife no contradiction, to strangers on the street they have no manners. If we have a look to the crime hour every week on the Dutch tv, we see 90% people with colored skin..

    >>>> And the government in The Hague just watching. And say, we should not discriminate !! <<<<<

    ATMs here in Holland are now placed inside the Supermarket. Free money is gone. In Germany are all ATMs on the street outside.
    Two years committing this "Dutch" Moroccans in stolen cars to blow up German ATMs.
    But last week there are 20 arrested and locked up into jail.

    I do not accept dominant Turkey or Moroccan brainless shit!! Pepper spray and Tasers are forbidden in Holland. But i have to watch out for my own safety, so I wear these things if i visit the west or Rotterdam area.

    Next week we will have an other Muslim Dictator in South Europe. Erdogan from Turkey will have all votes from brainless Turkey Allah bla-bla freaks.. But you have seen on tv for some weeks ago what we do here in Holland with unexpected people from Turkey Parlement....Controlled by a dictator !!

    Look to Geert Wilders, (Right member of the Dutch government)

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    It’s not just the turds left behind by Obama, it’s also the far-right wing of the republican party as well and maybe even more so. Those Freedom Caucus idiots for example are trying to sabotage him on purpose.