Thank gosh for small miracles ... another AM Forum!!!

Discussion in 'Chat' started by W2WDX, Aug 26, 2015.

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    Ah thanks so much ... really.

    About three years I got booted off AmFone because I made a post about a guy who told me he stole the tube I received from him by accident. So Todd thought I was bragging about buying stolen goods on the cheap. Of course I was talking about how stupid this moron was for telling me he stole it from a broadcast station, and had just finished up getting the police report from two officers. Of course Todd accused me of buying stolen property, encouraging that behavior, and bragging about it. Which of course wasn't the case. I just made a one paragraph flip post about what happened and how dumb this guy was. I just didn't want to advertise on the web that I just called the cops on a guy who had my phone number and address.

    I never had issue with anyone, always acted very nice to eveyone, and never got any reprimand from any of the admins prior to that. Todd just overreacted.

    So I went there two days ago and tried to register again. I was approved, and posted a question about an oscillator I need help with. I went back today and my post was deleted, and I am banned again. I mean .. really? REALLY!? Me? I'm like the most non-combatant person you will ever meet, who never had any issue there with anyone, and they treat me like a pariah after three years. Children.


    Well anyway ... as an active Am'er ... I guess I'll make myself at home here. Besides ... it doesn't seem like anyone is there anymore other than the lids, and malcontent types, and unsuspecting newbs. And so many of the posts have been deleted I have noticed. I can't believe they went back and deleted the 500 or so posts I made over the years.


    Anyway .... HI FOLKS .... I'm John, W2WDX
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    Those guys have lost all credibility and the majority of their old knowledgeable members. All they have left now are the tiny handful of little pricks who give the AM community a bad name. AMfone has become become nothing more now than an embarrassment.

    I've seen some of your posts on other boards through the years because I recognize the avatar. Anyway, welcome to the original AMfone, AM North America.
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    Someone sent me the pic below of another recently deleted AMfone post. It never ends ::)

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    I've not been banned but I've received at least 3 ultimatums from one of the mods. I just don't post there anymore as I know that I am a target and they want to have a little fun at my expense.
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    You didn't have to go back and remove your 2nd post. The Mod-Gods as you called them was classic :mrgreen:
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    Hey by the way, there was a recent topic on where myself and another individual spoke up and said what we wanted to say about AMfone and that was right before attempted their vbulletin upgrade which led to the crashing of that board and when they finally brought it back via xenForo that topic had been deleted. The big question is why? After that topic my account and all 1000+ posts were finally deleted from that AMshit board. It sure took them long enough ::)

    Anyway, all I can say is that AMfone's days are numbered and it's only a matter of time to where that board and all of its little prick members and moderators fade away into oblivion. The sooner that happens the better off the AM community will be and I'm not afraid to say it. The way I see it Brian Sherrod really screwed up when he got together with Paul, W3VJB years back and let those little pricks take it over and ruin everything.

    Personally, I don’t care what anyone thinks anymore. It’s gone way past that and being nice doesn’t even matter now ;)

    AM Forever… :icon_thumbup:
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    It seemed a little redundant.