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    Teach makes a pretty good looking solid state DAC, but has anyone tried one yet?


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    How 'bout some specs etc? Suppose I could just google it
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    I see that's a class D audio amp. I like mine very much. As long as you stick to inside the "rails" the THD is amazing. Thanks for giving me yet another choice should I wish to upgrade. It probably could considered a bit pricey but in my view you get what you pay for.


    PS: Teac makes some pretty nice stuff. I've always their product line
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    By the way, most of these DAC's won’t work. They are for converting digital music to analog like when you want to play you computer’s music through your old stereo system via you RCA input jacks.

    What we need is to be able to do the reverse. We want to convert analog to digital and that would be an ADC amplifier. I'm still searching around trying to find one with high resolution output.

    Anyway, I thought these DAC's would do the same thing until it dawned on me they won’t. We want RCA output to the USB input of your computer.