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    Where do AMers hibernate during the summer?? 80M was exquisitely quiet last night and I had an almost 2 hour long uninterrupted chat with my brother.
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    Not really much activity in the summer. Sometimes a few of the higher bands are open a little, but I think the current solar cycle is just about over. I can remember back during the two cycles in the late 1970's and late 1980's when 10-meters was wide open during the day and all throughout the summer. That hasn't been the case since then though.

    Living in Oklahoma back then the static crashes on the lower bands like 75-meters were just too great most of the time. The activity probably would have been there if it wasn't for the static. Living out here in California now I don't get that static due to lack of thunderstorms or anything here to cause it. But still, the band conditions are not the greatest that/this time of year anyway.

    I think most people just get here on the Internet more and work on projects until the next radio season starts again.