Spring work never ends

Discussion in 'Chat' started by W5HRO, May 18, 2014.

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    Well, I've been busting my butt the pasts couple of weekends removing the old rotted wooden deck and lots of dirt. Had to also take down my wire antenna for now to do it. I have the tree guy coming out to grind down that stump along with another one plus trim up the rest of the trees after the upcoming Memorial Day weekend. Then I'm going to lay down and secure some of that redwood color Trex decking material which isn't cheap, but it will never rot again like real wood. I will dig up the remaining grass section next spring and do the same thing there. Also have to paint the house this Spring/Summer too.

    Anyway, as soon as I get this Spring's part done within the next few weeks I will work on putting up my new antenna. It's probably going to be a 75-meter vertical open loop fed at the corner strung between my tower and a new pole at the other end on the house where the deck goes around the side of the house (see attached photo). Have to pull up that remaining part later this week.

    It never ends...

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    Stump Grinding Day!

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    Well, it's a year later and Spring 2015 work never ends. Been out in front for the past few hours tying to cut back the last remaining tree on the property. This one was half dead and grew at a 45 degree angle. Some moron never braced it so it would grow straight years ago when it was first planted.

    Can't get all the way to the top, but I did throw an extension cord up there a few times and was able to pull down and break off several of the dead limbs that way. Used a telescoping tree saw and a bow saw for the rest. Just need to have someone come out with a chain saw to do the trunk and it's gone.

    last_tree_2.jpg last_tree_1.jpg
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    You don't want me to post pix of this 120 yo house we bought in Maine. It has the original siding and wood gutters ! I've been ripping out drop ceilings and squirrel nests all week :icon_thumbdown:
    We've already nicknamed it Norman, as in Bates :icon_crazy: