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    Then & now. If you look closely you can see hangars 7 & 8 still in place !
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    Since we are going this route :mrgreen:

    In the midst of World War II, the Air Force builds a bomber plant in Tulsa, which is soon followed by Douglas Aircraft factory. Both the Air Force and Douglas closed their plants after the war, but Douglas returned in the 1950s to build the Boeing B-47 and Douglas B-66.

    Inside of Air Force Plant #3 showing the production of B-24's and A-24's built during the war.

    Then after the war American Airlines made a deal to occupy two of the former Air Force hangars.

    American Airlines mainteance base in 1945

    American Airlines mainteance base in 2001. The 4 original AF hangers are still there.
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    The C-130s are in the black & white photo. Before them, I worked on these monsters; C-124... four P&W R-4360 recip engines. Same as on the " spruce goose".
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