Since I have gone over to the "darkside"...

Discussion in 'Chat' started by K4TQF, Jul 27, 2015.

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    I bought my first "ham transceiver" an Elecraft KX3. ( It does do AM ) I see all these guys with "go kits" so I thought I would put one together.


    Some of you may recognize it as a AN/URC-32 rf amp, HV supply, and antenna tuner on upper left, "exciter" on upper right. 2 X 4CX250B finals, 125 watts AM. I think I'm gonna need a long extension cord :icon_wtf:
    Military version of the Collins KWT-6.
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    Is all that stuff going to fit in your new home up in the far… northeast?

    Or is that why you said long extension cord?
  3. K4TQF

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    Extension cord is a field day joke... :icon_crazy: The amp weighs only 26lbs, but the dammned power supply weighs 94lbs :icon_thumbdown: the little "exciter" weighs 1.5lbs

    The new QTH has 1000 SQ FT ( 2 story ) more than we have here in Eureka springs. ( Not including 1000 sq ft of dry basement ) So, I get to have an indoor heated & cooled shack on the ground floor... with a separate entrance and indoor plumbing ! Lathes, saws & other noise & dust producing tools will go in the DRY basement. :icon_thumbup:

    I'll be taking the AN/URC-32 amp + PS + tuner... the 4-400 RF amp + the modulator rack, & T-3 exciter. Probably take an RBB & RBC to round out the old buzzard side of the room. Oh, I'll throw in the ATD transmitter just because it's in like new condx & I have the dynamotor to run it. The battery bank, 24VDC @ 400AH (AGM) will live in the basement directly under the shack. I may put the dynamotor down there too, so I don't have to listen to it. Also, the 2 X BC-939 random wire tuners. misc spares, etc...
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    It may not be an appropriate question to ask but what prompted such a drastic move to the frozen north? Winters up here can be brutal. That "garage" is actually my shack in disguise. 25' x 25' and I'm running out of room. In the first pic, the top of that pole is my 75 meter dipole @ 70 feet.



  5. K4TQF

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    Short answer:
    Our only daughter and the grandkids, who are already in high school, have lived in Portland for 10+ years. It will all be over before we know it.

    Long answer:
    The XYL has had 3 strokes and has a pacemaker... we are 1:15 from a major hospital here in rough terrain. In bad weather down here, forget it ! Our town doesn't own a snow plow. Any major medical problems around here and you are looking at a $14,000 - $28,000 helicopter ride. :icon_thumbdown: In Portland, they are prepared for inclement weather (+/-) and a major hospital is 7 minutes away.

    We are both "homebodies" so being in all winter doesn't bother us. The XYL is a writer and I always keep a hot soldering iron... The kids live a couple of minutes from us and we can place our grocery order and they will deliver it to our door. Son-in-law has promised to blow the driveway ! We are keeping the QTH in Arkansas in case we hate it, but I don't think that will be the case.

    Real answer:
    Nearfest ! :biggrin:
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    All make perfect sense to me. Sorry to hear of your XYL's med probs.. Portland is an excellent city to be in / near. I love the Maine coast. Good luck with the move.

    I have a new neighbor next to me who has made the move for the same reason. The property out back is full with this guy's family; daughter / son-in-law, sister etc. We have Catholic Medical Center here in town - the heart of NH's cardiac etc expertise.

    We should look for each other at NearFest. I haven't missed a single one since it's inception.

    73 es GL Al VTP
  7. K4TQF

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    We are leaving Arkansas on Oct, 12. So, I think I can make the fall Nearfest !
  8. K4TQF

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    Or maybe Rosie could use a buddy...

  9. W1VTP

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    'Fraid not. Rosie loves people but has no use for other kitties. Does she know something about cats that we don't?

    Handsome kitty. What's the name?

  10. K4TQF

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    The XYL has volunteered at our local humane society here for the past 10 years. We've picked up a couple of shelter cats since moving here 13 years ago. When we got that one he came to me and said his name was "Pookie". He was found as an adult walking around in the snow. He is probably 12 or 13 by now. We've lost 3 since moving here... one was 20 years old and in charge until the day she died ! One was an outside cat an killed anything that dared to come into the yard. We figure a fox or coyote got her... "live by the claw, die by the claw". We like dogs too, just never could eat a whole one.

    The only problem with the cats is they sleep on the heat vents in the winter !

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    Al: Why is the ground all white around where you live? Do you have a nearby grove of cottonwood trees ?
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    You're about to find out :biggrin: Are you sure you're ready for the move? They are predicting a real bad winter this upcoming season

  13. K4TQF

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    Concerning the fall Nearfest... We leave AR on the morning of 13 OCT. Pedal to the metal & barring complications, we will arrive Portland sometime on the 15th. The movers won't arrive until Monday, 19th, so I may have time to slip away Saturday prolly in the AM. Not sure, there could always be some last minute "honey do's" :icon_eh:


    PS: we do get that stuff down here... that lump you see is a full size car.