Sansui 1000/1000A

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    These Sansui's where about the next best thing to McIntosh's. The 1000 and 1000's below are really good. You can still get these in really good shape for just under $1000 if you look. 40 watts per channel.

    The original 1000 model below is harder to find.


    Then the later 1000A model below is the most common.

    Sansui 1000A Tube AM-FM Stereo Receiver.jpg

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    I got one for about $150 ten years ago, needs restoration, but is quite clean. Storing it inside waiting for retirement when that time comes. The 1000a comes with 7591a's in the output. Currently using the Sherwood S8000 with many tweaks. Back in 1981 I bought 2 quads of 7868's made by Sylvania. I'm still on the first set which have ample and stable emission after all those years. Every 3 or 4 years I put it up on it's side and adjust the bias pots. They are usually right on, or if off, just a tad. The EH 7591 and 7868 are similar tubes other than base, but no match for the old American made stuff.

    I use a pair of 7591a's in my Central Electronics 20A transmitter. They make really good RF linear amplifier tubes.

    Funny story, back in about 1977 I bought a Harmon Kardon Citation V stereo amplifier off a co-worker for $40. He said to come to his place and pick it up, so I went over there, out in the sticks. I walk up to the door, and I see him through the window. He is on the floor, pants down, taking care of business. I see him, he sees me, and I walk away...Gosh what do I do know! I wait a while and come back, and knock on the door. He opens it as if nothing happened, and we make the deal. I passed on the hand shake! He seemed to avoid me at work after that!

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    I was looking to buy a 1000A until I found the mint MAC-1700 so I bought it instead. I decided to just shell out the extra money for something better that I always wanted 40 years ago anyway.

    Those Harmon Kardon's are still dirt cheap even today and are not really worth much. If you go around to some of the Hi-Fi forums those things always seem to get slammed. They were built with mostly cheap quality components and they lack any real bass response and probably due to the inexpensive transformers they used. It's not just the Citation V's either, it's most all of the Harmon Kardon stuff in general. I would use the chassis and the power transformer and build a better home-brew amp on it instead.