Robin Williams Dead at 63

Discussion in 'Chat' started by W5HRO, Aug 11, 2014.

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    Robin Williams Dead of Apparent Suicide at 63

    This actually did not surprise me when I heard the news today. The guy was probably the funniest comedian since Johnathon Winters, but he was always playing a part and was unable to be himself even for a minute. I'm sure after the years went by he didn't even know who himself was anymore. If you ever watched him on any of the talk shows thru the years think about it. He couldn't stop pretending to be some character even for a minuite. He was always playing a role and it looks like it finally caught up to him.

    R.I.P. Robin

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    I agree... he was always "on". My wife & I share a common thread with Williams. We by art from the same artist. ( Donald Roller Wilson ).
    Of course, he bought the expensive stuff and we buy the cheap stuff. Williams spent so much money with the artist, that he would come and stay with him in Fayetteville, AR for a few days. Drove him crazy for Williams to be there, as he is a very private person. He was going nuts on one visit about 5 years ago... so the artist put him in the car and brought him over to Eureka for lunch, just to get him out of the house. They stopped by to pick us up, as a diversion, but we had gone to Fayetteville ! It would have been a memorable lunch date for sure...
    Oh, well... I'm actually happy that he is out of his misery. I have lived with depression for the past 20 years, and it can really be a bear at times. I didn't do all the drugs that Williams has admitted to over the years, so I'm sure his roller coaster was MUCH larger than mine.
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    I think in Williams’s case he was just mentally ill. I guess you can list depression under that category, but I don't think it was actually depression, at least that's my opinion for what it's worth.

    I think in his case he was probably always longing for attention and it may have gone all the way back to when he was a small boy. Making people laugh may have been the way for him to fill that void or need. That same story has held true with other famous comedians in the past. The world laughed but at their (the comics) expense. I think in Williams case he probably got to where he just couldn't turn it off and it made him mental unstable (ill) as a result.
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    Absolutely a possibility. We got an email from the artist yesterday and he said it didn't surprise him at all. I suppose he had been battling his demons for years...
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    Either that or it was depression whenever he wasn't working or something. Maybe each time he stopped and wasn't making people laugh it was like stopping herion cold turkey and he quickly went nuts and hit rock bottom without the fix. That's also a possibility and would be connected to the other as well.
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    I suppose depression comes in many forms, and causes. I recall Ozona Bob, W5PYT (SK) discussing this issue many times. He'd sit in the living room day after day. Occasionally he would turn on the RCA AR88 that he kept there to listen in on. I recall that his activity would come in waves. He be on 12 hours a day, starting on 10m and working down to 75m at night. Then months would pass, and no Bob. Bob did have a series of tragedies ranging from shooting his thumb off to storms blowing down his antenna array, and the big one, losing his XYL Joyce.