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    So, I'm out in the backyard looking at a couple of VHF antennas. One is a 4 bay Sinclair for use around 160MHZ. The other is the familiar "Ringo" type that I use for commercial FM broadcast. The Sinclair is a phased vertical array of 4 dipoles. These antennas will be used for receiving only. The only coax I have is a big roll of RG-8. I was thinking I would just go buy some RG-174. It would fit thru my existing 3/4" conduit that I use to bring my solar panel power into the shack. Yes, the loss is a little higher, but what the heck? Most of the signals I'll be listening to would be local and fairly strong.

    Anybody have any comments about this ? I have never used this stuff before.

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    What about RG-8X. Can it be 0.242" thick? There are a lot of different brands of it. Believe it or not Radio Shack use to sell it and theirs had the best specs at one time. The loss at 150MHz is only around 3 to 4 dB max per 100ft. RG174 is horrible up that high.

    Coaxial Cable Jacket Outside Diameter: 0.242 in.

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    This is just my opinion, but the loss using RG-174 on VHF is going to be too high. RG-8X is about as thin as you should ever go on VHF. Even 3dB to 4dB isn't very good, but its way better than RG-174.

    If it were me I'd search around and find the best price for RG-8X and use that instead. Otherwise you may need to buy receiver preamps to compensate for the loss.
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    I did find some "USA made" RG8X on Ebay for .50 / ft. I guess that will do...

    yup, quite the difference:

    Coax Cable Signal Loss (Attenuation) in dB per 100ft*

    RG-174 RG-58 RG-8X
    100MHz 8.9dB 4.9dB 3.6dB
    200MHz 11.9dB 7.3dB 5.4dB
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