Rat Shack please die

Discussion in 'Chat' started by W6MQI, Dec 23, 2015.

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    Never had this happen before went into Rat Shack yesterday around 1930hrs walked around for a while picking up a few items okay time to check out. Went up to the registers to check out there was nobody there, thinking well maybe they went to the back for something I’ll wait. Just after the decision to wait was made the sprint telephone dude who was standing off to the side helping his customers informs me the Rat Shack lady is out on lunch, and won’t be back till 2000hrs there’s no one here to check you out. What! That’s 35 minutes from now its Christmas time and there’s no one here to check customers out unbelievable…..Well now what? So I tell the sprint dude since Rat Shack doesn’t care about selling anything I’ll just walk out with my items and not pay he gives me the Mexican salute as though he didn’t care. Okay I didn’t walk out without paying, I got real close though I just put my items on the desk and left. So why is this POS store still around, and why do I still go there? Please die already Rat Shack.
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    We only have two stores left here in San Jose and one in Los Gatos and they all have the Sprint stores inside now.

    None of what you said surprises me. It's only a matter of time before Radio Shack is completely gone and Sprint could care less. The sooner the Radio Shack name is removed from their brand the better it will be for them.

    You can still buy stuff from their online store, but what inventory they have has greatly diminished. A lot of what they once had doesn't even exist anymore.

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    Know the frustration. When RS went bk and was purchased by the hedge fund General Standard summer 2015 that was it for electronic hobby fanatics. I believe the brand is now partnered with Sprint to sell plans and devices as a core and will be selling off the remaining RS inventory until it's all gone.

    It's hard if even possible to find a local brick and mortar electronic componant store in most areas of the United States and if you do they are usually on life support.
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    There is nothing new on this thread. RS has been hiring "know it all" kids for a long time. When I walk into RS and I get the "can I help you" I say, "lemme look first and if I need you, I'll get you." As long as they had what I wanted I was a happy customer. I've taken this approach and have had this expectation for over a decade. Face it: would you want a job at RS? It has to be the pits of all jobs.

    Having said that, I have met some real nice folks at RS. Usually they are 40 - 50's types and have gotten rid of the attitude "I know it all" and actually try to be helpful and KNOW where things are.

    I haven't been in our RS at Manchester NH for almost a year but when I need certain things - mostly in those drawers in the back, I do not hesitate to drop by. Remember those "Guaranteed for Life" vacuum tubes? I have a few of them. For grins and giggles, I should walk in with a RS tube in the box and demand that it be tested and replaced "'cause it doesn't work."

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    Up until about 2006 / 2007 some of the stores would still replace your tubes. I remember seeing topics on some of the various Audiophool boards. I don't know where the stores were getting them, but apparently they still had of supply of them left that were coming from somewhere.

    I seem to remember seeing them in the Allied catalogs, I think, back in the early to mid 90’s, but I cannot remember for certain.