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    This was always one of my favorite AM shortwave stations I listened to a night for years. Like so many others it went off the air.

    Radio Netherlands Worldwide (RNW; Dutch: Radio Nederland Wereldomroep) was a public radio and television network based in Hilversum, producing and transmitting programmes for international audiences outside the Netherlands. Radio Netherlands Worldwide has also distributed content via web and e-mail technology from as early as 1992.

    Its services in Dutch ended on 10 May 2012. English and Indonesian languages ceased on 29 June 2012 due to steep budgets cuts imposed by the Dutch government and a concomitant change in focus.[1] The last programme broadcast on shortwave was a daily half-hour show in Spanish for Cuba named El Toque (The Touch), which ended on 1 August 2014.[2]

    Due to government directives, the service implemented a new mandate in 2013 to promote free speech and independent journalism using new media in areas where people are not free to gather information or to form and express independent opinions and ceased operations as a broadcaster, but as a non-governmental organization under the name RNW.

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    The broadcasting station was opened in 1985 and consisted of four 500 kilowatt transmitters with 17 directional antennas for the farthest corners of the earth and two circular antennas for Europe. NOVEC was the owner. The SW transmitters were used until 2007 by Radio Nederland Wereldomroep, mainly for broadcasts to Europe and North and West Africa. Important fixed frequencies on which it was broadcast included 5955 and 9895 kHz.

    In 2012, the station was taken into use by Defense as a back-up for communication between headquarters and units in the field or ships. [1] Defense will use lower capabilities than the World Service.

    Flovo RNW.PNG Flevo.....PNG
    Last used SW antenna system.. Antenna paper on the TX with all directions on it.
    Telefunken watercooled 500 KW  SW TX Flevo.PNG SW TX.PNG
    AEG / Telefunken Water cooled 500 KW TX with PWM modulator.
    SW Flevo...PNG Flevo ....PNG
    Antenna switcher... Broadband Solid State Driver for the 15 KW Driver tube.
    MW antenna.PNG Flevo TX .....PNG
    Left: Medium wave Antennas ... Right: SW TX building..

    All these beautiful buildings and transmitters are disappearing more and more around the Globe with the rise of (mobile) internet.:redface::icon_thumbdown:
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    Glad to here the defense department at least understands the need for keeping the station operational at least for their use anyway. So what's going to happen when the shit hits the fan when there's no internet etc? Guess these counties have a plan.
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    Somewhere in the middle of the country, a 100 KW transmitter on the medium wave remains operational for emergency situations.
    And yes, when a meteor in space hits a satellite cluster, many connections are broken ... I think.