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    Here we go again... ::)

    I started late this year on purpose. I just pulled off the cover today and watched all of the remaining mosquitos fly off and what a mess! I dumped two gallons of chlorine into to the strainer yesterday just to knock those buggers back first before pulling the cover.

    Anyway, It looked a lot worse an hour ago because the photo below is after brushing a lot of the crap off of the walls first. The water was completely dark green yesterday :icon_sick:

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    Better get it ready for this weekend were expecting triple digits for father days your kids I'm sure are hounding old dad to get the pool going. I only have one kid to put the screws to me, and she is real good at it too she has that female persuasion down pat.
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    It won't be ready by this weekend, maybe by next. I've already dumped in 6-gallons of chlorine and washed out the filters, but they are still sorta plugged. I need to replace them and they like $80 each and I need 4. Have never placed them, just washed them out with the hose about twice a summer since buying the house back in 2008, but they are too far gone now I think.

    Anyway, right now the water is sort of a milky white color with touch of brownish-green. I need to get the rest of the stuff sucked off of the bottom then replace the filters. At least another week of work and more chlorine.

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    Now I'm $350 with tax poorer :'( I found them online for almost half the price, but I couldn't wait until later next week to receive them. I needed them today so I ran down to the local place.


    Anyway, I drained out the entire filter tank and re-lubed all of the O-rings on everything including the pump and now the pressure is back to normal and there are no more air bubbles in the water. I was able to manually vacuum up about 90% of the remaining crap in the bottom of the pool first, but I lost vacuum pressure so fast that I had to run down and just get the new filters.

    For the heck of it I placed one of the old filters on the scale and it weighed around 8 lbs :eek: Holy shit! those things were really plugged up and I had even washed them out yesterday.
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    I'm right behind you. I have an above ground 24' pool. I use a nice outfit to pull the cover off

    PS: I hope you don't mind me using a VPN with no reverse DNS
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    Here is what it looks like now at 12:15 PST after changing the filters and adding 2 more gallons of chlorine.

    Pressure is around 12 PSI like it was a few years ago.
    IMG_7684 2.JPG

    Shadow below is from a tree and is not crap on the bottom.

    Anyway, the water is already starting to clear up, but it's so chlorinated now that I don't think using it this weekend will be possible. I've had to pretty much nuke it to speed up the process.

    It doesn't really get warm enough here in the Bay Area until the end of June and first of July and is the reason I waited this year. Before I always pulled off the cover around the end of March or the first of April which was always a bit too soon and the water was just too dam cold. The only downside is the longer you wait the crappier the condition the pool is when you finally pull the cover off so I guess it’s a trade-off.

    Oh, you noticed that back when I was playing around with an add-on that blocked VPN's :icon_shh:

    That was eliminated, when I added the Maps feature I was looking into using that block for better accuracy, but I decided against it in the end.
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    Now here it is at 12:50pm PST. The sun has come around and removed the tree shadow. Two more gallons of chlorine (10 total) will probably clear it.

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    I appreciate being allowed to keep my VPN on. The internet is a scary place these days. I'm hoping my logon is sufficient for me being really me. Good to be back. And a note to Mike: "When ARE you going to get on 75 meters? I'm willing to do AM or the other mode. I'd just like to chat with you. We can set up a schedule via email or this venue."
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    The previous VPN block was just something I was playing around with about a month ago for a week or two. After thinking it over I decided it was a bad idea. At at the same time don't give yourself a false sense of security here on the web by using a VPN. You just never know what that 3rd party is up to and I would never trust Google and their Chrome browser. Don’t forget that Al Gore made millions with Google so what does that tell you? You are talking about big government watching everything that you do. The socialist movement is running rapid today so be careful. It is very real despite what some people think.

    Anyway, in the end I decided to just pay the hosting company the extra $100 per year for the SSL cert and I enabled CloudFare to force the use of it with no exceptions. This board is completely secure. Did you ever think just a few years ago that we would have a board via multiple servers around the globe that would deliver fast content like this?
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    Damn pool looks okay to me the party is at Brian's house:biggrin: I'll bring the 807's
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    Those 807's better look like this :mrgreen:


    It's going to take about a week for the water to fully clarify to the correct Ph level and then for some of the excess chlorine to burn off first.
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    OMG old Mickeys Big Mouth malt liquor do you remember when they had the pull tab tops? We used to joke about the smell of Mickeys when one first pulled the pull tab off if there's was a strong skunky smell the better the Mickeys:lol: Man its been years since I had a Mickeys I don't really drink anymore maybe a six pack a year and that's it I'm what you call a cheap drunk.
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    Yep... back in the late 1970's and early 80' my radio friends and I in Tulsa would drink those pull tab Mickey's after a few bong pulls or joints and you had to be really carful. They would mellow you out after, but if you drank one too many... :icon_sick: .I think we all figured that one out the hard way at least once or twice.

    As matter of fact, my main old radio friend who I still see whenever we go back use to have a smoker made out of an old oil drum in his back yard and he smoked the best barbecue chicken legs that you ever ate in your entire life. I’m dead serious, they were that good. It brings back the memories now, smoked chicken legs and Mickey’s. Now I need to go buy a smoker :lol:

    Anyway, I’m already on my second 12-pack box of Mickeys since Tuesday and I have not even opened the pool yet. I was dinking nothing but Coors for the longest time, but the malt is so thick that I started gaining weight so I recently switched to Mickeys. Did you know that Coors is the most popular domestic beer sold in America today? The light beer tastes like shit, but the regular has the best taste out of all of them. Mickeys is a lot lighter with thinner malt so it’s easier to drink and you don’t gain as much weight. However, I think it's even stronger than the 5.0 Coors sold here in California so again, be carful...
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    Actually, the water has completely cleared now, but it took 12 gallons of chlorine total to do it and 1 gallon of acid. I just checked and the chemical balance (Ph) is pretty dam close to normal and a lot of the chlorine has already flashed-off. Probably due to the movement of the auto-vac and it's hose. That's pretty dam quick given the fact the water was dark green on Tuesday morning when I started. Didn't even pull the cover off until Wednesday. So that's what, 3 to 4 days max?

    Anyway, can probably use the pool tomorrow (Sun). It will be just over 100 degrees here then and in the high 90's today. I'm still running the auto-vac now even though the bottom and the sides are clear. I will wash out the new filters later today then run the pump until going to bed tonight and see what it looks like again tomorrow. It already looks nice and blue :icon_thumbup: Those new filters made a difference.

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    Is that one of those fiber glass tub pools?
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    Yep, a 30,000 gallon one. It's 10' deep under the diving board too.

    Also ran down to Lowes today and picked up a cheap $99 smoker. Pretty good price. I about passed out twice putting it together because of the heat :neutral: Was about 97 here and hotter tomorrow.

    1.jpg 2.jpg

    You probably noticed the dirt patch behind it, I'm going to put artificial grass there in a couple of weeks. Was going to do it this last week, but I couldn't get it delivered by yesterday so I blew it off for now.
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    When the pool becomes a green water mess over the winter, the CYA (cynurric acid) level goes to zero. I let my pool go green too over the winter. One jug of this will bring the level up in about 5 days:
    With no stabilizer (CYA), one sunny day will neutralize all the chlorine you added. A value of 30-50 ppm is good.

    If your primary means of chlorination is Tri-Chlor pucks, then the CYA normally comes from those, and will ratchet up over the summer, and like a sawtooth, will reset over the winter. If you were to pour a gallon of liquid chlorine (12%) into the pool each month over the winter, then this won't happen, and the pool won't be green in the spring.

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    I use the liquid chlorine in the box, 2 gallons in each box. I find it here for a little over $6 a box so it’s pretty cheap. I occasionally do add the stabilizer to the water, but I buy a big bag of the granular type that looks like kitty litter which is much cheaper and lasts longer. You mix it up in a bucket and poor the white liquid it makes into the strainer and then a little around the pool itself. You do that each day for about 3 days and it will hold the chlorine.

    The problem is with all of the kids that come over (XYL’s nieces and nephews) we knock so much water out of the pool each time we use it that I have to toss the garden hose back in after they leave. That constant refilling of the pool sorta nulls the use of the stabilizer. The past 2 or 3 years I normally just dump in 2 gallons of chlorine about 1 or 2 days before they come over.

    P.S. I checked the water again late yesterday right before the sun went down and the Ph is dead smack on (7.5)

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    That image also shows 0 ppm for total chlorine. One area where people stumble with pools is about the chlorine level. If you smell chlorine around the pool, then there IS NOT ENOUGH! The tester you have measures Total chlorine (Tc) on the left side. Total chlorine is composed of FC (Free Chlorine), and Cc (combined chlorine). The Fc does the sanitizing, and the Cc is dissipated in the air since it's job is done. It is the Cc that you smell, not the Fc.

    A DPD test kit, such as the Taylor K-2006 can separate the Tc into Fc and Cc. Then there is the CYA/Fc chart:

    This is important since it gives you a good Fc target related to CYA level. The higher the CYA level, the higher the Fc level needs to be.

    My pool is chlorinated via a salt system. I keep the CYA around 50 ppm (varies), and with the simple Tc/Ph tester like you use, I keep the Tc at about 5 ppm. After a pool party (all kids pee in pool, and all beer drinking adults pee in the pool), I have a little reserve Fc to take car of it.

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    I didn't have any water on the left side. I was only measuring the Ph on the right side in that pic. I had measured the chlorine side yesterday morning and it was still up over the norm.

    I only checked the pH last night to see if I needed to add anymore acid and let the pump run overnight, but it was fine.

    Anyway, getting ready to light-up the smoker and get it ready. Have about 10 people or more coming over today.
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    Had fun with the pool yesterday, but it reached 105 degrees. Even the diving board was so hot that you could not stand on it for more than about a second or two.

    The chlorine level was still pretty strong and you could smell it, but it was ok and not irritating to the skin or anything.
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    Did find a pic of the old pull-tab big mouths. The new one’s taste about the same, maybe a bit cleaner, but the mouth isn't as big anymore and they now have the modern screw tops. Mickey's was originally brewed by Sterling in Evansville Indiana until around 1972/73 then it was sold right before I moved to Tulsa. They kept the pull-tabs until around the early 1980's. I really miss those original big-mouths. You would think now with all of the other domestic beer companies bringing back the old bottles and labels that they would get smart and do the same. Like Coors with their brown 1930's bottles again with the stronger alcohol content.


    Anyway, here is the original Sterling big mouth bottle below from Evansville before they came up with the Mickey's brew. They also had the same big mouths in the brown bottles.

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    My daughter and the XYL's Granddaughter.

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    Well, I've been slowly draining the pool every evening since Sunday. I've been doing it slowly to make sure it doesn't come out of the ground and float like a boat because I don't know where the water table is, but I don't think it’s even an issue now. I developed a slow leak last year that started getting worse this year and its going down too fast now so I have to fix it. The pool was probably installed back in the late 1970's so it’s really old. I’ve already determined it’s not in the piping and I don’t think it’s in the main drain which it good. The leak pretty much stopped once I pumped about a 4th of the water out of it.

    The fiberglass in the bottom has several spots where the blue coating has come off to where it’s been showing the bare fiberglass for a long time. I also had a long crack on one side that was starting to separate and I think that's where the leak is/was. What I did was get some of that new Rustoleum paint with the primer already mixed in that's a close enough match that it won't matter and be very noticeable once the water is back in. I also bought some of that clear Flex Seal liquid and white tape as seen on TV and I'm going to coat the painted spots with the clear liquid. I've already done it in a few spots and I will do the rest after all the remaining water is gone and it dries out. I used the Flex Seal tape on the crack and then painted it. Then I coated it with the clear liquid so that part is already done.

    Anyway, I just want it to get us by for a few more years then I will probably replace the whole pool. Either another fiberglass insert or I will just have someone come and plaster one in. The main thing is the hole is already there so it would be easy and greatly reduce the cost of getting it done.

    The pool. The red ring mark is where the crack was

    Some of the painted spots on the bottom
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    This is why I don't own a pool there a PIA. Good luck with the repairs:icon_thumbup: