Pirate service that streams live TV for free

Discussion in 'Chat' started by W5HRO, Jun 23, 2015.

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    Well it's not really a pirate service, but more like a PITA nightmare to the big cable and satellite TV companies who are trying to stop it anyway they can.


    The site is located here: http://ccloud.corrent.org/

    Since TV's are pretty much becoming just computers with big displays now it wont be long until all these new services will be able to just stream content directly to them anyway.

    I just downgraded my DirecTV package to the cheapest one, but I still have all the HD channels plus the DVR. The whole thing now will be $72.99 a month, but I would love to eliminate it completely. I hate cable TV so that's out of the question. I do have business class Internet from Comcast though which costs me $59.95 a month, but it's unlimited. That's for 16MB down and 3MB up, but it usually runs a little faster than that. If I could eliminate the DirecTV I could just bump my speed up to the 50MB down and 10MB up plan for only $109.95 a month and it would still be cheaper than the two combined prices I'm paying now.

    It would be nice someday to just have a cable or fiber optic line running into the house for everything and just pay for that one Internet service connection. I think that's were everything is heading, but it's going to be a real long drawn out battle until it finally happens.
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    I have been using this program for a few days now. It is a little buggy, but worth every cent I paid for it. There is a Star Trek channel that seems to be the one with Capetian Picard. It plays continuous 24/7. Just search for "star", and it is TNG channel 145.

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    I'm not a Star Trek fan, but I did check it out. A lot of those channels are not full 1080p quality yet when streaming them and they often cut out or you see a delay when they stutter. Some of the channel work great though.

    To stream video 100% to where you don't have any issues your download connection speed really needs to be 100Mbps. That's pretty much what it requires to get decent video on your TV set. 50Mbps will work pretty good, but if you are watching it on your TV then no one else in the house will be able to use that internet connection while you are doing it without having problems. That's where the real issue is right now in regards to steaming live full HD quality video to your TV set from the Internet. It's the lack of speed/bandwidth available.

    Anyway, I hate Google, but I'm hoping they will quickly expand their Google Fiber service around the country to break down the cable, phone and satellite companies hold and restrictions on service choices. I have real issues with Google though and their recent communist type stance in regards to blocking content on the Internet and forwarding claims for money to their customers. I will never go with Goggle Fiber in my area as a result, but when their service becomes available here it should open the door where I can finally get other fiber Internet service choices from another provider like Verizon or someone new. It's the cable, phone and satellite companies fault why consumers have not been able to get fast Internet speeds for a decent price for the past decade or so and they restrict you to certain packages and choices and charge you for stuff that should be free.

    Anyway, hopefully someday the main networks will just make their stuff like local channels available on the Internet and for free just like it has always been via the airwaves since the beginning of time. The cable, phone and satellite companies really have no right to bundle them in service packages and then charge you for it. The hold they have always had on consumers needs to be broken once and for all.
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    I was looking at what I can get from the cable company now to my house and I can actually get 150Mbps, but its really expensive. The 50Mbps plan isn't too bad, but still, you really need 100Mbps for decent video streaming without interruptions.

    I think most people can get these speeds now, but they are only available via the business plans. Below is the link and the plan I currently have is the $69.95 one, but when I got mine it was only $59.95 and my 3-year contract is not up yet. The thing about business plans is they don't throttle your speed or ever restrict anything like they will via the residential plans when you are doing certain things. When it was first installed my speed wasn't even being regulated and it was like 80Mbps down and 80Mbps up. It took them over a year to finally start regulating my speed down to the 16Mbps down and 3Mbps up and it was wide-open for a long time. They just finally got it down all of the way to what I'm actually paying for about 6 months ago. I think it was because I live so far down south and nobody in my area even had Comcast anymore so it probably took them awhile to get the hardware installed and in place. It was fun while it lasted though :mrgreen:

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    It will come back. They are trying to get help because it is still in beta mode. The project is on Github. What better way to do it than to bring it up for a few weeks then shut it down and ask for help.

    Actually, what they are doing is not illegal. They are just using links that are already on the web and putting them all in one place. The DMCA notice wasn't valid and didn't go very far and everything was explained to Github. That issue already went away.

    The thing about cCloud is they will be able to make it act as a DVR for storing TV shows, etc. You will probably need to have an account and pay for storage space to do it, but that is the plan, I think.
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    I can't believe there isn't fiber everywhere. :mad:
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    It's ba...aaa...ack :icon_thumbup:

    A lot of the links are currently dead, but it's back up an running now.


    Update 7/8: They started updating the links.