Pioneer Super Tuners

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    Anyone remember the old Super Tuners we use to mount under our dashes? Can you imagine one in a modern car today :lol:

    Most cars back then only had AM radios, so this was the best option to get FM and to play tapes.

    The 8-track model below

    Then later came the cassette model below
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    Ha that's funny a friend of mine had one of those in his Ford Maverick I think it was the cassette version seem to remember it sounding fairly good.
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    Yeah, I had one in my GTO and my friends had one in theirs. I had it in my dad’s 1972 Ford Torino then I ripped it out when I got the GTO.

    They did sound great and were about the best car Hi-Fi system at the time. There were other accessories like a big power amp if you wanted it.


    Most cars back then only had AM radios and to get one with FM usually required a special order like for the bigger luxury cars. Some did come with FM, but not very many. FM was usually a special order. The fact the Super Tuners had FM along with the tape player was perfect.