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    Came across this funny post on one of the other boards from 2007. I wonder what the guy thinks of HLR? :lol:

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    Rebuttal to K4KYV

    Bill Hardage Wed, 04 Apr 2007 07:37:46 -0700

    I rarely respond to such short sided attacks from people who lack the courage of their convections, in the case and post that Mr. Chester has placed on this board, I'd like a moment to respond. I've been around the bands for years, I know many hams around the country and I was forwarded Chester's post. As sad as this is, I believe it's indicative of people that don't let the facts get in the way of their story.

    First, I could, as Mr. Chester has done, assume everything he's complaining about is true in reverse, but I wont. What I will do, is remind him that today's technology all but eliminates 15 kc wide, over Powered, and over modulated am signals completely. The ham's he's calling "names" are all accomplished experienced ham's and have exceptional antennas, in many cases directional.

    The Night the bands expanded our group moved to 3686.5. We had no Idea of Chester's intentions of making the new frequencies a AM domain, based on his own comments in earlier blogs. The call he's making to the AM community "if all the AM'ers come to that frequency and run off these Guys" would be as childish as Chester's obvious clinical emotional state.

    Often, SSB stations on 3786.5 are running 100 watts, that power that is necessary to establish communication. When Mr. Chester fires up, he spends the first 15 minutes testing and tuning up. During this time he's keyed down, SSB stations will start their amplifiers to maintain contact with on-going, conversations. Chester, then calls CQ for ten minutes.

    Yes, there are at times nulls in the conversation, but I and most others that have listen to him, do not believe that Chester would stop his obvious attempt to claim AM Frequency by maliciously calling CQ. I'm not interested in starting similar wars that have existed up the band. I believe for certain, I'd take other avenues to solve that problem. I guess as a AM Ham radio operator and you want to spend your time doing as Mr. Chester suggests, then I can't stop you. I will say, Pick your leader carefully.


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    I have no ax to grind with Don. He has always had my respect from a technical standpoint. That does not always mean I agree with him though. Still, I respect his opinion. As to the guy who wrote the posting, K5UY, he did have an ax to grind. The 80m band had been opened up, and he with his friends moved down there, as did Don with some other AM'ers. So what. Don's signal is seldom wide, and he might appear wide only due to the fact that he has a very effective antenna system. He is often 10-20 db stronger then the usual person with a dipole up 30 feet or so over the house. Big signal strength makes a signal that might be 7 Khz wide appear to be 15 Khz wide. That all depends on how we define bandwidth.

    The guy, K5UY, reminds me about WB2WIK who wrote a scalding assessment of me and Tim WA1HLR last winter when we were on 12M AM, 24.985, and both running low power. There we were, minding our own business, at the edge of the band, towards sunset when the band was about to close. He started a 60+ post anti AM rant. What is very odd is that this guy is a member of this board, without a single post made. Maybe this post will "Smoke him out".

    In the 5th call area we have a new problem. First off, 40m AM on 7160 has been commonplace for nearly 40 years. This was the SPAM frequency on Saturday mornings, and evenings. About 3-4 months ago a SSB group has thrown anchor on 7158. These guys are on pretty much all day, every day. They wind down, and the frequency is clear for an hour or more, and then if I get on 7160 running AM, they come back. It's as if they fall asleep at the mic, and when something wakes them, they continue where they left off as if they never took a nap. Others have heard this group rant about AM, and I'm paraphrasing, but it went like this, "why don't we just move down a couple of Khz? The "leader" said NO-WAY, and suggested they switch to USB". Many AM stations are rock bound on 40M since a lot of the vintage gear FM's on 40m when using the internal VFO (virtually all Johnson gear). Also some use a 80m color burst crystal that has a second harmonic that is a Khz or two below 7160.

    Don may be a little eccentric at times, but I'm not joining in on criticizing him. The AM community is better with him then without him.

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    Due to recent events, I decided to resurrect this old topic.

    It's really unfortunate the AM community has so much division and anger now, but it is today what it is and if you look at the political division within the U.S. right now anyway it's not all that surprising. Like many, I hate socialism and political correctness and whenever I come across it I want no part of it and I will fight it every step of the way! This completely arrogant idea some Hams seem to have that we can all get along is exactly that, an arrogant idea that will never happen. They should have known better before they even started. Now the AM community is divided even more now than ever before. The problem is they don’t want to hear or believe it. They live in a dream world with blinders on. They just simply don’t get it and they will do everything to conceal the truth whenever someone tries to bring it up.

    Anyway, first it started with the guys on AMfone who were so nit-picky about everything they would delete posts on a daily basis primarily due to it being a regional and cultural politically correctness thing. It finally got to the point where they started pissing off so many of the main members that I had to covert this site over back in 2011. The problem was many of those members had already developed really bad attitudes or big egos and it didn’t take very long for the same thing to happen here. Part of it was my fault because I tried to take the high road in the beginning and it just didn’t work and that’s what I learned and it’s the exact same reason for AMfone’s slow demise. I thought I could stay in the middle and make boths sides happy, but it just didn’t work and it was doomed to fail from the very beginning. I made a mistake. You cannot moderate a bunch of 50+ year old men who have developed shitty attitudes and I know becasue I’m one of them now.

    So now we are where we are. We have a group of about 4 or 5 AM’ers in the community, not on this board anymore who are more concerned about their reputations and what people think and want an audience to full-fill their big egos or simply because they have a need be vindicated in some way. Now they have become nothing more than an embarrassment to the AM community as a whole. I finally decided to make a stand well over a year ago, but what’s their excuse? The bottom line is they simply do not have one so what does that say?

    I fully agree with K5UY’s old post above. He hit the nail right on the head. Pick your leaders carefully.