Pager Data burst on 75m?

Discussion in 'Chat' started by W6MQI, Aug 17, 2016.

  1. W6MQI

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    While listening to the local AM frequencies such as 3870 here in the S.F. bay area I continually hear what sounds like pager data burst is anyone else hearing this?
  2. W5HRO

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    I live in San Jose and I'm not hearing it.

    How close is your nearest neighbor? Did you get any new cable modems recently?
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    I live on a postage stamp so my neighbors are real close who knows what they maybe running, also no new modems here. Think I'll post in the local ham yahoo group and see if anyone is hearing it here in Livermore. Good to know your not hearing it in S.J. if I can get a recording of it I'll try and post it.
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    Is this what you have been talking about? Listen to the attached mp3 file. It sounds like one of those wobulators running fast.

    It's right around 3870, but a bit higher. It sounds like it’s on purpose and they are trying to disrupt AM activity. It was on there yesterday morning too. It’s probably another one of those upgraded CB'er types.

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    By the way that wobbulator type of interference in my recording is one of the guys from that SSB group just up the band a little from 3870. It’s on purpose. I' was sitting there listening to the AM morning group and I could hear that SSB group and then after a while they stopped and one of them started the wobbulator type interference so that’s where its coming from.

    It's probably newer upgraded CB'er type hams who just started operating there and they don’t like it when AM carriers startup nearby. Typical... ::)