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    This has been all over the web, but it is another perfect example of people taking advantage of today's political correctness nonsense. A back couple were in an iHop and had a black server on a busy morning. They were probably the only black people in the restaurant so the black server put BlACK PPL on their order receipt just too quickly identify who the order went to. I completely agree with this lady’s assessment below. Yet, if you read most of the other articles about the incident on the web it’s being used to promote the PC cause which is typical.

    This is just one more thing that makes Donald Trump that much more appealing ::)

    March 3, 2016 ‐ By Brande Victorian

    Couple finds "BLACK PPL" printed on IHOP receipt in Downtown Austin.

    Rolman Sparkman and his girlfriend Arainia Brown are the reason people feel the need to constantly remind Black folks everything’s not racist.

    The Austin, TX, couple caused a waiter to lose his job because he identified them as “Black ppl” on their receipt at IHOP. The kicker? Arainia and Rolman are Black — and so is the former waiter, Dwayne Williams. So what, pray tell, is the problem?

    My guess is paranoia and faux outrage. Arainia is the one who noticed the labeling on the receipt and pointed it out to her boyfriend. When Fox news reached out to her about the incident, she asked, “What does this mean? Are you going to do something to my food or my card?”


    Rolman’s dramatic response to the receipt was no better, as he posited,“People are being racist, and it’s your own people being racist toward you for no reason. That’s kind of messed up that you have to put your own people down.”

    So Black is a racist insult now? Sounds like this couple has a bigger issue with their skin color than the waiter who actually apologized for offending the couple and said the labeling was just a slip up to get orders out during a busy morning. Unfortunately, Dwayne’s apology wasn’t enough for neither the couple, who said they’ll never return to IHOP again, nor IHOP who let Dwayne go shortly after the incident. The restaurant also released a statement, saying:

    “This was a poor choice made by our franchisee’s team member, and is not in keeping with policies and procedures. We recognize that it could be offensive and sincerely apologize. Everyone is welcome in our restaurants and our franchisee is using this as a teachable moment for the entire team so that it will not reoccur.”

    Because Arainia is a former waitress, she felt particularly knowledgeable about Dwayne’s so-called wrongdoing, saying “We either put a number or the color of their shirt, not their skin color.” And while I get that it may be a bit jarring to see “Black ppl” on your receipt, as a Black person I’m not offended when people identify me by what I am. Red shirt and baseball cap may be more PC, but in the midst of trying to get out short stacks and eggs to 20 different patrons, I’d likely note the quickest and easiest physical identifier I could on a receipt slip as well and if it happened to be that the couple was Black — and likely the only Black patrons, otherwise the label wouldn’t be very helpful at all — then I’d probably do the same because that’s what they are.

    The fact that these two simpletons couldn’t look past the opportunity to get a free meal, which is likely all IHOP offered them, and the chance to see their names in the news to understand a Black man identifying them as Black is not racist, nor a putdown is shameful. The real problem is media outlets not recognizing these incidents as non-stories; companies being so fearful of racist backlash that they don’t fight for their employees; and the rampant treatment of Black as a bad word. The next time it’s a slow news day in Austin, Fox should talk about that.
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    I remember not that long ago, just east of Richmond, Va. there were two waffle Houses on the same street within 1/4 mile of each other. The places were built identical, but the customers were very different. Like day and night.

    With the proposed increases in minimum wage, and the lack of vocational schools, we have a society that will be increasingly on the dole; these could be called the entitled class. With the increase in minimum wage, more and more positions will be replaced by robots. The NY Times has figured out a good way to deal with this issue:


    I think we might be moving in that direction. Remember though, a big guy named Arnold in the Terminator series comes to mind as a consequence, or all the robots organize themselves, and then they too want to sit on their butts and collect a paycheck while passing around an oil can for a fix! Think of this, millions and millions of people whose main goal is to get the best "Selfie of the day" photo to share on Social media, and watch The Biggest Loser!

    There was a book (forget the name) where we had a society who did absolutely nothing productive. No worries about money to feed their family, or retirement. Every day was leisure, sex, drugs, music. What was college, and education? No need to waste time on those items. To enable the majority, there was the 1% who providing the technology, the infrastructure, food, and everything else necessary to make the world work. The problem though is those 1% were ridiculed, as being unnecessary "nerds". They were shrinking, unable to find a mate. Eventually the infrastructure collapsed, reverting man back into caves.

    I feel better now.

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    Here's another one that popped up just 7 hours ago ::)

    Political correctness devours yet another college

    By Catherine Rampell, The Washington Post

    On Saturday, two members of Bowdoin College's student government will face impeachment proceedings. What heinous transgression did they commit? Theft, plagiarism, sexual assault?

    Nope. They attended a party where some guests wore tiny sombreros.

    Two weeks ago, some students threw a birthday party for a friend. The email invitation read: "the theme is tequila, so do with that what you may. We're not saying it's a fiesta, but we're also not not saying that :)." The invitation — sent by a student of Colombian descent, which may or may not be relevant here — advertised games, music, cups and "other things that are conducive to a fun night."

    Those "other things" included the miniature sombreros, several inches in diameter. And when photos of attendees wearing those mini-sombreros showed up on social media, students and administrators went ballistic.

    College administrators sent multiple schoolwide emails notifying the students about an "investigation" into a possible "act of ethnic stereotyping."

    Partygoers ultimately were reprimanded or placed on "social probation," and the hosts have been kicked out of their dorm, according to friends. (None of the disciplined students whom I contacted wanted to speak on the record; Bowdoin President Clayton Rose declined an interview and would not answer a general question about what kinds of disciplinary options are considered when students commit an "act of bias.")

    Other students closed ranks, too.

    The school newspaper editorialized about attendees' lack of "basic empathy" and placed the event in the context of two other controversially themed parties from the past two years: a "gangster party" (at which some students showed up with cornrows and gold chains) and a racially insensitive Thanksgiving party (where some dressed as Pilgrims and Native Americans).

    Within days, the Bowdoin Student Government unanimously adopted a "statement of solidarity" to "[stand] by all students who were injured and affected by the incident," and recommend that administrators "create a space for those students who have been or feel specifically targeted."

    The statement deemed the party an act of "cultural appropriation," one that "creates an environment where students of color, particularly Latino, and especially Mexican, students feel unsafe." The effort to purge the two representatives who attended the party, via impeachment, soon followed.

    To outsiders, as well as some students on campus, all this fuss over a "tequila party" may seem a little extreme.

    Probably most 21st-century Americans would agree that wearing, say, blackface or Native American war paint is generally outside the accepted bounds of taste, civility and human decency.

    But tequila and tiny sombreros? I am not of Latino heritage, and I wouldn't deign to tell those who are what they should or should not be offended by, especially on a mostly white campus. But even Bowdoin's Latino students are divided about the propriety of the party and ensuing punishments.

    One student of Guatemalan and Costa Rican heritage, freshman Brandon Lopez, pronounced the whole kerfuffle "mind-boggling" and called the disciplinary consequences a "travesty," especially in light of the dining hall's Mexican night a week later. (Lopez was invited to the party but could not attend because of baseball practice, he said.)

    Such divisions on campus are unsurprising. Unlike with blackface, there does not seem to be any sort of settled social norm about the offensiveness or inoffensiveness of sombreros. Go to Chili's, Chevys or other Mexican and Tex-Mex restaurants, and you'll likely find similar decor and garb.

    If your litmus test for the suitability of a party theme is something like, "Could this plausibly be a national chain restaurant?" then a "tequila party" probably seems safe.

    The school's reaction seems especially arbitrary when you learn that — on the very same night of the "tequila party," just across campus — Bowdoin held its annual, administration-sanctioned "Cold War" party. Students arrived dressed in fur hats and coats to represent Soviet culture; one referred to herself as "Stalin," making light of a particularly painful era in Slavic history.

    What principle makes one theme deserving of school sponsorship and another of dorm expulsion? Perhaps race is the bright line, but not long ago people of Slavic heritage weren't considered white either. Does intent matter? What about distance (geographic or chronological) from the culture being turned into a party theme?

    These are worthwhile questions, ones tailor-made for academic debate. But they are also ones that Bowdoin's students — like students on other campuses roiled by cultural appropriation controversies — now avoid discussing publicly for fear of being labeled a bigot. Many have instead taken to Yik Yak, an anonymous social media platform that the administration has repeatedly urged them to abandon, because anonymity lends itself to ugliness.

    But this necessary conversation has no place else to go so long as colleges remain unsafe spaces for free and open dialogue.
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    On the subject of Richmond, Virginia, I had a very odd experience there. I would travel there for business to work at a wafer fabrication plant just east of town. On occasion I would extend my trip over the weekend into the following week. It was funny to me witnessing the fab shifts which would begin like a slow death march into the fab, and at the end of the shift it was literally a stampede. So on a Sunday I decided to go into downtown Richmond in search for something to do or see. Boy I found it too. I saw a lot of high end cars parked in a run down area of downtown. There were folks, all who were white and dressed to the hilt. I saw no less than three drug deals taking place right in the open. A little further down the road I hear loud music, and everybody walking into the place. I had to park and investigate. Here I am a 5' 6" aging white guy wearing jeans and a t-shirt. There is a building ahead with some busted windows and the front door missing the door knobs; just a big hole to grab in order to open the door.

    Like an idiot I go in there. As soon as I was inside, I saw table upon table all done up nice, with people sitting at the tables, eating caviar and drinking champagne. The music was deafening loud with a Pointer Sister song playing. I had my back to the door when I realized the song was live, and a very voluptuous black women was singing. She must have been 6' 6" with heels, and a dress to kill. There was enough bosom protruding to act like the bumper on a 1960 Cadillac. With microphone in hand, she was singing, and walking right towards me! My back was against the door, which opened going in. So there I froze, and she gets closer and closer. For just an instant she stopped mere inches from me. It was like Rocky standing up to Mr. T! Then quite suddenly, she turned 180 and went the other way. I got the HELL out of there. To this day, I have no idea what that event was.


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    Flashback :lol:

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    You know, the really bad thing is that many people today often categorize someone who doesn’t believe in being politically correct uneducated. That attitude usually emminates from todays main stream liberals and it’s been slowly flooding over into conservative beliefs as well. It’s getting to the point to where you cannot say or do anything unless it falls under PC conformity. Ask yourself what type of a system of government mandates that their society must do, live and say things in a certain way? The answer should be obvious.

    What it is really about today is ignorance on the part of the average person not realizing that America is becoming not America anymore and is slowly turning into a communist society. Yet when someone like me or anyone uses the word “communism” they just chalk it off to those people being uneducated like the old TV character Archie Bunker. The real truth of the matter is that it’s the other way around and it is the people actually pushing for PC conformity who are uneducated.

    If you look at the current statistics in the Presidential primary elections for example Donald Trump has been winning across the board in every state and it’s not just in the South where the word “uneducated” likes to be used by many. Trump has been drawing votes from non-poor and non-blue collar districts and counties from all over. I’m not saying I’m for Donald Trump, I’m using that current political situation as an example to show there are still educated people around who understand what has been going on in America today and who understand what communism really is and can see what has been slowly happening.

    The only real difference between Democrats and Republicans today is Democrats want communist control of America as a whole at the National level and Republicans want communist control of each individual state separately. That is the only real difference between the two major political parties today. It’s sad but true so welcome to the rise of a new thing here in America called Authoritarianism.
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    IMHO: This is how "the Donald" will get elected...
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    The Mississippi and Michigan primaries are tomorrow March 8th and the Florida, North Carolina, Illinois, and Ohio primaries are next Tuesday. He will probably win Mississippi and North Carolina, but will have to wait and see if the recent attacks have done anything or not first and I think he's still ahead in all of the polls including Michigan.

    In any event, Trump has opened up a real Pandora’s Box and it has revealed a constituent base that nobody realized or understood was there and it crosses over into all demographics. Regardless of what happens the lion has been let out of the cage and if he doesn’t get the nomination and win then one of the other 3 guys will lose for certain. The other guys cannot beat Hillary. That would probably lead to another candidate and possibly even a new political party the next time around that will use the newly discovered constituent base to do it and win.

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    We are living in a new world if the USA elected a female Democrat just after a black Democrat. Generally speaking, I think Hillary already has 2 strikes against her... 1 she is female & 2 she is a Clinton. I would vote for Trump over any of the others out there now. The others are too mired in the "party line". Of course, Trump, if elected, would quickly be drawn into whatever quicksand we happen to be stepping into.
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    See here is a perfect example of what the average person thinks and they just chalk it off what's been happening as being uneducated or racist. You have mainstream idiots like the cast of Saturday Night Live and all of the media networks (usually very liberal) broadcasting this garage and doing crazy comedy skits making fun of it, but it’s what most of those people really think.


    Unfortunately most of them do not understand any of it. They have failed to grasp that a very large percentage of Americans are just simply fed up with their nonsense and politics and it is crossing over into all demographics. The percentage is way larger than anyone has realized so maybe a rude awaking will occur sometime in the very near future.
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    Once again, more nonsense from screwed-up in the head people.

    New Controversy on Mizzou Campus: Sushi Restaurant's 'Racist' Logo


    The latest target in the fight against "racism" at the University of Missouri is the campus sushi restaurant.

    Early in the fall semester, a student wrote an email to the chancellor titled "Racism at Mizzou," complaining about the logo for Sunshine Sushi, a restaurant in the university student center. The student said that the logo resembled the Imperial Japanese flag used during World War II, claiming that it has the same meaning has a Nazi swastika, especially to Koreans and Chinese.

    Following the complaint, administrators met with students from several Asian organizations and the restaurant owners. Sunshine Sushi owner Oo Min Aung agreed to change the logo if students designed a "less offensive" one that still incorporated the idea of sunshine. Noor Azizan-Gardner, the chief diversity officer at Mizzou, praised the response of Sunshine Sushi’s owners in an email: "I think that this is an excellent example of empowering folks to make the right decisions at the local level. We need to make sure that this is tied to our performance appraisal and compensation process. Empowerment and accountability without this piece typically doesn’t lead to continuous positive change."

    This is just one more example of complete stupidly at its best (worst). It's getting to the point to were the intelligence level of the average person here in America today is starting to reach rock-bottom "0".

    I wonder what these "PC Police" retards will do if and when Trump becomes president? He was out here in California this last Friday and these fucked-up in the head type people rioted up in Burlingame and even damaged police cars outside while doing it. Most of them were educated professionals, but I guess what passes for educated people today isn’t what it used to be.

    P.S. Trump is way ahead in the polls in Indiana and is at almost 50% there now so it looks like after tomorrow Trump being the nominee will pretty much be a given.

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    Riot! And they will get away with it too. Nancy Pelosi will hold a press conference bloviating out her pie hole saying aren't they such nice kids.

    Did you see the little anchor Mexican kids flipping the bird up in Washington state at the Trump supporters? Ah yes as Lenin himself said the young are the useful idiots.

    It's going to get real ugly soon I think we have only seen the beginning of what's to come.

    I started writing a full page of rants, but I decided to deleted it all my blood was boiling and I really shouldn't post when my blood is boiling. :icon_crazy:

    Happy May Day everyone.:biggrin:
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    "... The chief diversity officer at Missou..."

    WTF? That tells all right there...