Offensive words that need to go

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    Mayor De Blasio is on the hunt for non inclusive, racist, homophobic, sexist etc etc etc.......words, and names of places in New York that must be changed.

    Here's a short list:
    BROADWAY – Is sexist using archaic name for women

    EAST VILLAGE – A reference to the roots of capitalism

    THE VILLAGE – Natural man had no villages, no boundaries

    THE MEAT PACKING DISTRICT – Clearly a homophobic slur

    HARLEM – A soft-reference to ‘harem’ and a slur against the African Americans who live there

    QUEENS – another gay slur

    DYKER HEIGHTS – clearly an attack on lesbians

    UPPER AND LOWER EAST SIDE – We cannot imply there are different classes, we are all equal

    FLUSHING – unfair to people in other countries that do not have indoor plumbing

    FORDHAM – Has the word ‘HAM’ in it. Offensive to Muslims

    DUMBO – clearly an insult to the under-educated and mentally ill

    CROWN HEIGHTS – suggests royalty which we all know owned slaves at some point

    BROWNSVILLE – an obvious racist name

    CHINATOWN – racist against Asians

    LITTLE ITALY – offends not only Italians, but short people also

    NOHO and SOHO – offensive to poor women that have to resort to prostitution

    STUYVESANT TOWN – Racist Peter Stuyvesant stole Manhattan from the Natives

    CHELSEA – an obvious reference to Chelsea Manning


    JAMAICA HEIGHTS – offensive to Caribbean Americans

    RICHMOND HILL – Richmond was the Capitol of the Confederacy

    FORT HAMILTON – Military reference, and the military are fascists.

    OZONE PARK – Offensive to environmentalists

    COLLEGE POINT – Some people can’t afford college

    LITTLE NECK – makes fun of a person’s deformity

    ALL TREES IN CENTRAL PARK because they may remind someone of lynching.


    The military will have remove the term BLACK OUT


    Weather man can't forecast WHITE OUTS anymore

    NY KNICKS short for Knickerbockers or Dutch settlers that stole lands from natives.

    BROOKLYN NETS everybody knows nets kill millions of innocent wildlife every year

    NY GIANTS glorify tall people and is a microaggression to little people

    NY JETS because Germans used jet tech on rockets and planes in WW2

    NY RANGERS painful reminders of all the evil rangers that roamed the old west, there were even Confederate ranger units in the civil war.

    NY YANKEES another word that has origins to the colonial era where we all know was only about evil European colonists stealing land from natives

    NY METS are okay, but their mascot must go. It has a white baseball head and white gloves very racist
    As a bonus let's also get rid of the BUFFALO BILLS. Obvious reference to that evil man Buffalo Bill from the old west with his very demeaning, racist, and insulting shows.

    Any street names with Grant, Lee, Jefferson, Washington, Byrd, Native American names, etc.

    JOHN WAYNE airport in LA should have its name change the left says he's a racist.

    All city's with SAN in their names i.e. San Francisco, San Gabriele, San Jose.... Because SAN means saint and has religious meaning which is offensive to non Christians.


    Transmission shops can no longer use the word TRANNY

    Please feel free to add to the list so we can send it in to Mayor De Blasio for his review.
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    Funny, but let’s face it, this is all about trying to eliminate Americas history by the new Democratic party, the Socialist party, on the road leading to to eventual Communism. They are slowly trying to eliminate every aspect of how this country was founded and what it stands for and they won’t stop until they succeed. Any person with half a brain can see what is happening and why.

    The bottom line, Civil War II needs to start and the sooner the better. This is a serious and real threat that needs to be eliminated. It may sound crazy, but it’s probably the only way this stuff is ever going to stop.