North Korean Gov't Jamming foreign Broadcasts

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    As an American, I cannot imagine being killed for merely tuning into a foreign broadcast. The closest we came though was with analog cellular when it was illegal to monitor those frequencies, and as a result many radio makers omitted the 900 Mhz cellular area. I have a wide open Icom 8500, but with the digital modes now, there is not much to listen to using an analog receiver.

    "In November 2013, authorities publicly executed some 80 people in a wave of capital punishment across seven cities, many of them for watching foreign media, South Korean media reported."

    "Television sets produced in North Korea have included equipment to prevent access of foreign broadcasts since the early 1990s, but sources told RFA’s Korean Service that as word spread of the parade marking the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II, many residents of provinces along the country’s northern border with China had the jamming devices removed in order to view the Sept. 3 event live.

    In particular, many North Koreans were shocked to see South Korean President Park Geun-hye through the broadcast of the parade, as well as scenes that included modern weapons and officials from various foreign countries filling Tiananmen Square.”

    Park is routinely vilified in North Korean media, which portrays South Korea as a lowly puppet of the United States, but she enjoyed a prominent place on the parade viewing stand, next to Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping.

    According to the source, the spectacle left North Koreans embarrassed about their own country’s status within the international community.

    Residents began talking about how North Korean parades were at a “child’s level” in comparison, he said, with many expressing expectations that an upcoming event to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the foundation of the ruling Workers’ Party on Oct. 10 would be “a public shaming.”

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    Didn’t they do the same thing in Iraq a few years back?

    It’s the same thing as when Hitler burned all the books, Cominuinist China and North Korea today are not any different.