New year's eve project

Discussion in 'Chat' started by K4TQF, Dec 31, 2017.

  1. K4TQF

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    Well... ya gotta be doing something... might as well re-pack some 77 year old bearings with some modern "cup grease.
    ATD dynamotor next to make up a cable and locate this thing remotely in the battery room under the shack.

    IMG_1539.JPG .

    Battery bank.jpg
  2. W5HRO

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    What's that for, to charge the batteries? Aren't you using solar panels instead or is that to power up a tube radio instead from the batteries?
  3. K4TQF

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    Yup, to power up the dreaded ATD and drive Tim crazy by running a carbon mic. I'll need to re-configure the batts so as to have 3 parallel sets, equaling 24-28VDC @ 600AH. Just ordered a 28VDC, 44 amp charger to throw into the mix. Dynamotor output is 1000V@150ma/ 380V@400ma & 28VDC@ 18A. It will live in the battery room below the shack so it will have short leads from the DC supply.

    BTW, the solar panels will be used to trickle my new 12VDC batt once I get it installed. These Power-Sonics in the photo are getting a little long in the tooth. Time to cough up for new batts.
  4. W5HRO

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    Also wrap the mic in about 3 layers of old dirty socks to boot.