New panel for Alpha 76A

Discussion in 'Chat' started by W6MQI, Apr 9, 2016.

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    Picked up a new panel for the 76a last week sure looks better then the original.

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    Already knew about K6XX, but AC0C is a new one I like his LED panel meter lighting mod I may do something like this to replace those dreary looking incandescent bulbs. Already replaced the open frame relay with two vacuum relay's what a difference that made nice fast silent T/R now. One other mod which I should think about doing is the grid drive protection I've hammered the grid drive a few times by accident I cringe thinking of the $1600.00 replacement cost for tubes from RF parts.
    Not sure if I will ever mod the amp for 12m that's a band I rarely if ever operate on.
    Also not sure replacing the plate coupling caps will buy me much what's your take on this? In the past I've search around for door knob caps of the right value, and size without much luck seem rather hard to source.