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    Greetings to the forum.
    My name is Billy Yates, N6YW. I live in Tucson Az having recently moved from Venice Ca.
    Many of you I know already and happy to see you here and to be a part of all things AM,
    which is my primary focus in radio.
    My QRZ page gives a primer about me and the equipment I own and operate, while my website
    is a bit long in the tooth and needs a massive update. I can be found on the AMI West nets on
    3870 khz most of the time, and on 7293 khz in the mornings and evenings.
    Occasionally on the upper bands, mostly 10 meters. I plan to erect a new antenna which is already
    built, a 160 meter sloper.
    I hope to work you soon.
    73 de Billy N6YW
    "Life is too short for QRP"
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    I just read your post in the ER topic as well so post away...

    I've heard you on the air before. I live in San Jose and listen to the west coast nets throughout the winter months, but I haven't keyed a mic on 40 or 75-meters since December of 1999. That's about to change soon though. I almost made it back last winter, but then my plans changed and life got in the way again for a while.

    San Jose to Tucson on either band should be a piece of cake this winter ;)
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    Nice to make your acquaintance.
    I also know Gary K6GLH very very well, having spent a lot of time at his place in Mokelumne Hill,
    and way back in the day when he lived in San Jose. I am on the AMI West Coast Nets just about every week.
    You need to get back on the air and soon. I have a perfect capture area for the entire state of California
    during these months and it's getting better.
    Hope to hear you soon!
    Billy N6YW
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    I hope to meet you guys someday. Its good to associate with quality folks and I'm not just saying that.