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    Well, both the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are bigger than the iPhone 5S.

    Still way more powerful than any other smartphone brand on the market. For anyone who thought Apple's day had already come and gone you better rethink.

    Anyway, it will be interesting to see what happens with the new built-in iWallet and Apple Pay and how Paypal will react. It's a completely new territory. Just being able to point your iPhone and pay without needed plastic anymore will be unique.

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    Took about an hour tonight after getting home for the update to install and work and so far so good. Not much has really changed except for they added a ton of extra features. They are doing away with iPhoto though for a new straight forward Photo app which is the same iPhone photo app just all reconfigured. They also added iCloud Drive which will allow your selected apps to store data on the drive automatically.

    One last neat little thing they added is you can now press the mic icon while in iMessage and you can send short voice messages. That's pretty cool :icon_thumbup:
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    My iP4 won't run 8... doesn't run 7 well for that matter so I'm thinking maybe its time to "Plus" size my iPhone experience... have to drift by the fruit store and check out the new and larger phone...

    Read where iOs security is considerably tighter...
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    The new plain iPhone 6 is bigger than all the others have been. Not sure you would want the plus size. If you are like me and always slide it into your pocket then the iPhone 6 Plus is way too big. That's why they are releasing the two new sizes. To cater to those people who want the bigger plus size like women who can just throw them into their purses. Just got my daughter a new iPad Mini here recently too and its so much better than that hard to use Samsung Galaxy P.O.S. she had before. She loves it.

    It's funny because there were articles on the web about how Android users were laughing because they were saying they had those bigger phones back in 2012. Well they did, but they still won't and didn't do half of what the new iPhones will do or be near as fast. The Androids never had 64-bit processors, retina displays and the powerful high resolution zoom cameras. I noticed a big difference in the picture quality just going from the iPhone 4S to my iPhone 5S. The iPhone 6 is going to be even better. You don't need to buy digital cameras anymore when your phone will do it instead. I'm sure its been really hurting the camera market.

    Anyway, I still have another year left on my Verizon iPhone 5S contract so maybe by then the iPhone 6S will be out :mrgreen:
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    I heard that IOS8 is encrypted such that even Apple cannot reset the phone in case the owner forgets the password, or in case it gets stolen. Might cause fits for the snooping NSA, and law enforcement. This might be a reason to buy one. :-)

    Still using my Iphone3GS on IO6.....

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    iPhone 6 weekend sales topped 10 million phones after being released last Friday. That is a new record. They sold more last weened than they did when the very first iPhone (iPhone 1) went on sale back in 2007.
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    iOS 8.0.2 is already available for download and install. They came out with 8.0.1 two days ago, but then updated it again last night because of an important bug fix.

    P.S. I merged these two topics together.
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    The video must have been created by a Samsung employee :lol:

    HOAX: iOS 8 and iOS 8.0.2 Security Flaw Allows Intruders to Bypass iPhone Pass Code With Ease

    A purported security flaw in iOS 8.0.2 that allows intruders to break into iPhones unchallenged has been declared as a fake. The news was first reported by several mainstream media outlets, all of which cited a YouTube video which shows a security issue that is plaguing the Touch ID and Passcode security features for iOS 8 and iOS 8.0.2.

    How Does It Work?

    According to the hoax video, the flaw requires an Apple iPhone to run either iOS 8 or iOS 8.0.2. The smartphone must be plugged into a computer or outlet. Apart from this, the 'Allow Hey Siri' setting must be turned on. If everything is set in the manner mentioned above, then a stranger can break into someone's iPhone unchallenged, it said.

    The video details that intruders can take advantage of this glitch by asking Siri a question. However, before she does come up with an answer, users must press the home button and swipe to the right to get past the iPhone's security system.

    It also mentions that the glitch doesn't work all the time and is only a rare occurrence. So this should not be a matter of concern for Apple iPhone users. It goes without saying that Apple won't even be talking about this glitch.
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    I got's iOS 8.1 :icon_thumbup:

    Just made available for download less than an hour ago.
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    iOS 8.1 seems to be working great and the one little bug I had noticed on my iPhone 5S is gone now.

    One thing though, Apple Pay will not work on your phone unless it's a 6 or a 6 plus, or if you have the new iWatch. It will work on the iPhone 5 and 5S, but only if you have the iWatch paired up with it.
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    iOS 8.1.3 was released for download yesterday and its seems to work fine. I think it's mostly bug fixes before they release 8.2.

    Anyway, I will be glad when the iPhone 6S comes out so I can get one next December. By then iOS 8 should be fully debugged unless they come out with iOS 9 by then :confused: I hope not...
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    Recent reports have just confirmed Apple is already working on iOS 9 and both the iPhone 6S and new iPhone 7 will be out this year.

    Anyway, iOS 8.1.3 was just a bug and memory fix so users with not enough memory can install iOS 8.2 and the iPhone 6S may be coming soon after that.

    There were rumors that they were also going to release a smaller 4" iPhone 6S, but that appears to be false. They might do it though when the iPhone 7 is released to where there will be 3 sizes instead of 2. Some people still like the smaller phones so its a no brainer I think...
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    On-Time iPhone 6S 2015 Release Date as Apple Ramps Up Preparation for iOS 9, Display Components

    From IBT, 2/21/2015

    Apple is eyeing a near-perfect iPhone 6S release date plan this 2015, no delays and glitch-free, as preparations for its volume production and eventual rollout appear to be already underway. According to reports, suppliers for display components of the device have already been determined while beta version of iOS 9 is set to come out earlier than expected.

    As Apple’s next mobile platform, iOS 9 will bump off iOS 8 and will power the next-generation iPhones and iPads. These 2015 iDevices are lined up for commercial debut starting in the second half of the year.

    Billion-dollar display deals

    But first, crucial components for the iPhone 6 sequel need to be taken care of, which the tech giant has been doing lately. A report from Apple Insider is saying that Apple will partner with Japan Display for a $1.7 billion deal that will ensure the steady supply of display components for small and medium-sized devices – pointing to the panels that will be used for the next iPhone and Apple Watch.

    Specifically, the partnership will lead to the manufacture of low temperature polysilicon (LTPS) display panel. The same technology, the report noted, was first used by Apple with the iPhone 6 introduction in late 2014.

    In order to secure most of the LTPS units that Japan Display will produce, Apple will reportedly fund the construction of the facility. “The sixth-generation facility will be capable of churning out large glass substrates at a high rate, and could potentially transition over to the production of OLED panels,” Apple Insider said on its report.

    Prior to the upcoming agreement with Japan Display, the iPhone maker was reported last year to have entered a deal with Innolux of Taiwan for the bulk manufacture of future iPhone display panels. Innolux is a subsidiary of Foxconn, which is Apple’s largest supply chain partner.

    Early iOS 9 debut

    And as most the hardware concerns appear already on a firm ground, Apple is also making sure that the core software for the next iPhone will be stable and error-free in time for the iPhone 6S. To make that happen, the company is said to be planning an earlier beta release of iOS 9.

    According to Mark Gurman of 9to5Mac, Apple fans will likely be given access to the first version of iOS 9 as early as June 2015 via the annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). The report added that the supposed plan of iOS 9 going public in advance pointed to the likelihood that development of the mobile operating system is already in full swing and will be completed earlier than expected.

    If the report proved true that iOS 9 will be subjected to earlier battery of tests than its predecessor, then by the time of the iPhone 6S release date Apple fans are assured of a smoother and more stable next iPhone experience.