Neil Young & Crazy Horse on Tour

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    Guess it's time to go see Neil too one last time before he's gone ;) They will be on tour again here in 2015.

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    Shit! Rick Rosas who was filling in for Billy Talbot as Crazy Horse's bass player just died on the 8th three days after I posted this topic :icon_wtf: Billy Talbot had a mild stroke earlier this year in 2014 and had to sit out the European leg of the tour. Talbot is ok and will probably play in the 2015 tour, but this is a perfect example of why you should go see these guys now before they are gone forever. Even Neil suffered a brain aneurysm back in 2005.

    NOVEMBER 8, 2014

    Rick Rosas, Bass Player For Neil Young, Dead At 65

    Rick Rosas, long time bass player for Neil Young, Crosby Stills Nash and Young and recently Crazy Horse, has died at the age of 65.

    Rick was one of the true music greats and also one of the nicest people in the business.

    Rick Rosas is one of the most respected musicians in America. He has also played with Joe Walsh, Ton Wood, Etta James, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Rivers and for Neil in the recent Buffalo Springfield reunion.

    Rick started out in the surf band Mark & The Escorts but the first Rosas band to be signed was Tango to A&M in the 70s. He then hooked up with Joe Walsh and for a time was in Joe’s Australian band the Creatures before returning to work with Dan Fogelberg, Albert Collins and Etta James.

    Rosas met Neil Young in 1987 when he was playing Farm Aid with Joe Walsh. They struck up a friendship that was to last for the rest of Rick’s career. Rick's first album with Neil Young was 1987’s ‘This Note’s For You’. He stayed with Young for the Australia and Japan only release ‘Eldorado’ and the following album ‘Freedom’, featuring the now classic Young track ‘Rocking In The Free World’. At this time Rick was still recording with Walsh on his albums ‘Ordinary Average Guy’ and ‘Songs For The Dying Planet’.

    Young brought Rick back for his return to country album ‘Prairie Wind’ and the concert movie ‘Heart of Gold’. Next came Young’s most controversial album ‘Living With War’, a bitter statement about America’s war mongering President George W. Bush. Rick performed live with Crosby Stills Nash & Young for the concert movie ‘Déjà vu’, based on the ‘Living With War’ album.

    As well as Neil’s albums, Rick also performed in Pegi Young’s band.

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    I saw that earlier in the week. RIP Rick. We seem to be losing a lot of the great musicians from the 60s and 70s lately... you know the ones that survived the 60s and 70s.

    I have always been a fan of Neil Young. Eccentric, outspoken and sticks to his guns and ideals, whether I agree with them or not.
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    Rosas was never a member of Crazy Horse though, he was just filling in for Talbot. Billy Talbot and Ralph Molina (the drummer) are the only two members from the original Crazy Horse band in the 60's that joined Neil. Frank Sampedro (the guitar player) has been with them since Zuma was recorded in 1975 though.

    The word is another small US tour here in 2015 so we shall see. I have never agreed with Neil's up in the stratosphere politics, but he's one of the best artists of all time. I never did like Crosby, Still and Nash though, without Neil they were like the Doors without Morrison. A former coworker went to see CS&N about 10 years ago and he said they were really horrible. He looked over at his wife shortly after they came on stage and said with a grin "these guys suck!" Apparently they were pretty bad and could hardly sing in harmony anymore.

    Anyway, I saw the Stones again the last time around and Keith was really struggling to play and I think even Neil has started to decline some now too after watching several of the recent videos. These guys are getting really old and are no longer in their prime. However, I did also see John Mayall recently and he's older than all of them. At 81 he still sounded great and was almost as good as he was 30 years ago if not maybe even a little. He still has that voice.

    I guess maybe it just depends on who did the most drugs back in the day. I think Mayall drank for several years, but he didn't do the drugs.
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    Here's another video below from this last July with Rick Rosas.

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    I like CSN but I like them more when it was CSN (and sometimes Y). Yeah drugs took their toll on a lot of people. Crosby had it BAD but cleaned himself up. Stills still likes to party from what I've seen in a recent interview but not to the point of not being able to show up. Nash seemed to keep it together for them more than anyone, although he did the coke and smoke like most rockers. Neil did the coke and smoke too from what I read in his autobiography but actually gave it all up recently after being told about something with his brain condition. He is epileptic and had something going on recently which the neurosurgeons fixed but advised him to stop the pot.

    I have read that Mayall never did get into the drugs and that is very commendable. He was older than most of his peers from the 60s and really takes the blues very seriously. Other notable (and somewhat surprising) drug-free rockers include Frank Zappa. He was a perfectionist and would kick people out of the band if they openly used dope. Ted Nugent claims to have never used drugs but I frankly don't buy that one.

    At anyrate, I'm not judging people from their past. I enjoy the music and if they made it THIS far and are still showing up on stages then that is saying SOMETHING isn't it? Look how many never made it past 27 years old!

    Our own (ham) rocker Joe Walsh struggled with the coke and the liquor but he cleaned up to get back with The Eagles. They gave him an ultimatum and he chose the right path.

    I love them all and wish all the ones still with us more years of success!! I have been to a lot of concerts but never have had the chance to see Neil with any of his bands. It would be a great show. I have a few DVD's of his concerts in various forms, with Crazy Horse, with a few country players at the Ryman Theater in Nashville. A solo show up in his home town in Ontario... each one is very different from the other but I enjoy it all.
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    Part of Neil's problem might be related to the brain aneurysm he suffered from and not because of the epilepsy.

    I saw Neil back in 1989 at the Brady Theater in Tulsa when he had come out with the Freedom album. During the second half of the show (first half was all acoustic) Frank Sampedro came out when they started playing "Rockin' in the Free Word" and stayed for the rest of the show. I then saw him again with Crazy Horse the following year during the Ragged Glory (Weld) tour.

    When I saw the Stones again this last time around Keith obviously had something going on too, but it really showed up during the performance about half way through the concert. He was all over the place and started screwing up pretty bad. He may have just been really rusty and wasn't ready because they did rush everything and the San Jose show was only the second show of the tour. However, he also had surgery to his head after falling out of a palm tree in Fiji several years earlier to remove a blood clot. It happened right after they played the Super Bowl show. I saw them in Anaheim during that Bigger Bang tour shortly before and they were great. I think it was about they best I had ever heard them sound too, even better than the Exile on Main Street tour back in 72. He may have also fallen back into his old habit of staying stoned while they were not working too and was just having a hard time coming back out of it again. Sooner or later that probably wont work anymore after you become that old I'm sure.

    The thing I like about the old bands like Neil for example is they still use old Fender amps like Tweed Deluxe's / Champ's, etc. for their source. I know Neil still likes to use the mics in front of one.
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    Hey, here's a blast from the past. I saw him at the Brady Therater just a few weeks before or after this performance on Saturday Night Live. See the 1959 Fender Tweed Deluxe with the two mics in front for the source? He re-biased it and uses 6L6's instead of 6V6's and the 12AX7 is running hot. The amp is push-pull so it cancels out much of the even-order harmonics so you have to just hammer a reverb into the 12AY7 to make up for it. The old straight single-ended Champ amp will sound better, but Neil likes the sound of the Deluxe with a reverb.

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    Hey when you say "He re-biased it and uses 6L6's instead of 6V6's and the 12AX7 is running hot. " --- does Neil himself mess with the electronics? I know he loves to tinker with things but he usually has people do stuff like rebuild his classic "hoopty" cars for him.

    That said, I wonder if Joe Walsh tinkers with his music equipment. I think he probably lets people like Bob Heil do it.
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    No, one of his old sound engineer's did it years back, but Neil does know what's going on and is very familiar with the stuff. I doubt if Walsh does or really knows anything other than what sounds good and what doesn't.

    The earlier Deluxe's like the 5C3 models used 6SC7's and the were still in push-pull. When they changed to the 12AX7 and 12AY7 in the later models like the 5E3 the first half of the 12AX7 was connected in series which the second half. That changed the ballgame and started producing the classic sound (distortion). You had an extra stage driving everything. That's one of the reasons why the later Deluxe models are the most popular and usually sell for just under 3K on eBay even when they are almost falling apart.

    The original single ended Champs to me still sound the best because the even order harmonics don't get canceled out and will produce the same and even richer classic sound when they are driven hard enough. I think the other reason was the practical difference because they only had the two inputs whereas the Deluxe's had four. They would have needed separate Champ amps hooked up for each band member to amplify the mics and the guitars both.

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    Nice easy PP circuit. Might have to build my own Fender clone someday!
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    Hey, here is another one of Keith's tweed when the were setting everything up for one of there shows. This is what I was saying, all of the greats use them even the Stones.