NEARFEST fall 2017

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    Well... I was going to post pictures, but NEARFEST this fall was sort of a bust. Maybe everybody was there Friday. I went Saturday arriving about 10AM. About 1/2 the number of cars in the parking area as in the past. About 1/2 the flea market as far as I could tell. Went looking for 813's for my new modulator. Found a pair of National Union 813 new in box. ( same date codes ) Seller wanted $50 each... got the pair for $70. Bought a whole box of HV variable C & coils for $10. Not many old timers there selling. Plenty of 70's & 80's commercially made boatanchors. Nothing seemed to be selling. Disappointing fest all around. No manufacturers represented that I saw.
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    Ignore my email. I'm back. I'm really sorry I missed the buy of a lifetime - a CE 600L. I was already to buy it but the owner said he didn't know if it worked or not. Boy was it clean. Just like it was new off the shelf.

    Oh well
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    Never heard of Nearfest. Where is it?
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    Is that the same HLR on WBCQ back east?
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    unfortunately, yes
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