NC-300 Receiver Project

Discussion in 'Technical' started by W5HRO, Nov 19, 2016.

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    Thanks Dave, what I really needed was another receiver project ::) I guess for only $50 though it was worth it :mrgreen:

    Funny because the front doesn't appear to have any scratches, just a layer of dirt and a few dirt splashes. Should shine up nicely.


    It must have sat in someone’s garage for several decades because the layer of grim on the chassis is pretty thick. You can see below where I rubbed my finger to get down to a shiny spot.


    The 6-meter converter wound up being a 2-meter converter. You can see where someone changed out the connector to an S0-239, but not really any big deal.

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    Looks good sorry for dumping an extra project on you just trying to keep you out of trouble :mrgreen: Bummer on the 2m converter 6m would have been a nicer addition. Looking at the front panel there are quite a few deference's between the 300, and 303. Kind weird there's a spot for the vernier knob, but no knob also looks like you don't have the selectivity or tone positions like the 303. Anyway nice to meet you and the wife maybe next time we can plan better so we can swap war stories.
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    Yeah, the 300 was the pre-curser to the 303. Some of the 303's features are evident in the 300 and they were just not included until the last 300's were built or until the 303's were. Some of those may have options you could get back then, but I'm not positive.

    When it comes down to it both receivers are the same with only those minor differences. The 300 is like an iPhone 6 compared to the iPhone 6S. The 300 is still a good receiver once you update it to make it closer to the 303. Lucky I have two of those xtals to convert the 2nd converter stage like the 303.

    And yes, it was nice to meet you as well. Thanks for stopping by he restaurant, that was nice of you. We didn’t stay at the outlet mall very long because I started getting bad sinus pain due to the weather rolling in. I had to go inside some place warm to eat and take a couple of painkillers to get rid of it so that why we went there so soon.

    Anyway, when I have time I will slide the 300 out of the cabinet and start cleaning it. I’ll probably just change out all of those same caps and add the xtal then fire it up and see what happens. Not sure if I will do the other supply mods to it or not. I may quickly add the one 5Y3 filament transformer and just leave it at that.
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    I totally forgot that I dragged this receiver home. I guess sometime this Xmas when I'm on vacation I should clean it up and go through it. I need to throw the NC-303 back up on the table first and do a quick re-touchup alignment so I can use it, then maybe I will get to this one, maybe. I really need to do the HRO-60 first though.
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    Well you can blame me for this one.
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    Well, I have 4 receivers, the HRO-50, HRO-60, NC-303 and the NC-300. That's not counting the other NC-303 and the BC-348.

    Anyway, I need to recap the HRO's and the 300 then decide which one or two of them to sell. The other 303 is in what I would say good overall condition and it also needs to be recapped, but I might decide to just save it for a parts unit for my good 303. The BC-348 of course will never be for sale.
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    I too have both a 300 and 303, and prefer the 303 over the 300 for AM.