My fault, email server temporally bombarded

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by W5HRO, Oct 5, 2015.

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    This morning I added around 100 members to 4 conversations within the new PM section and when two of the members replied the email server started getting bombarded with over 500 emails. First, adding them resulted in 400 emails being sent to the server all at once and then the two replies made it worse :lol:

    Anyway, I locked those 4 conversations up to stop it because the server temporally stops all emails when it exceeds a certain number of emails per hour and needs time to clear. I guess two cups of coffee this morning just wasn’t enough to stop the brain-fart from happening 8)
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    Was it one of those "Reply All" snafu's that sometimes brings the house down? Before we hit a "Reply All" regarding a message, we need to think twice. That can initiate a flood of emails

  3. W5HRO

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    Sort of like that, but any reply there in those 4 conversations will be reply all anyway. I just didn't think when I added those members to the conversations what would happen until the email server filled up and started sending back hundreds of failure of delivery notifications. It kept one or two members from being able to recover their passwords for a little while.

    Like I said, brain-fart moment…

    You guys will just be doing personal one-on-one PM's so it won’t happen again anyway. Those 4 conversations I started were basically like announcements.
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    By the way, per the announce I sent out everything there is all ready to go.

    One thing I have done is given members the ability to add one additional person to their PM's. I thought about it and there might be occasions where you want to add a member to your one-on-one conversation for whatever reason, but all conversations will be limited to 3-way conversations only. Although if you invite a person to your conversation and then they invite one too then it can grow past that which is fine.