Monday Morning Unpacking

Discussion in 'Chat' started by W5HRO, Mar 21, 2016.

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    Well, they replaced our carpet here at work so we had to box everything up last week so they could move everything and do it. We have 6 buildings here and ours was the last one left to remodel so they are doing it while we are still in the building. They have nowhere to move us so that is the plan I guess. I started in our original building 1 and I will probably retire in building 1. I guess that’s a good thing.

    Anyway, got all sweaty again this morning unpacking everything, but it’s done now.

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    When we bought another new building they remodeled it and they moved people into that one. Then they remodeled the one those people came out of. Then when that one was done they moved people into it then remodeled the one they came out of, etc. They kept doing that until finally getting to our building, but they had no remodeled building left to move us into so they had to do it while we are in it.

    Actually they finished the job last Friday. They had to move a section of cubicles one at a time and it only took them 5 days to get the job done. Came in this morning and the new tile floor around our walkway has been buffed and polished and the new carpet was all vacuumed too.

    Looks pretty good now, but I’m getting high off of the new carpet smell fumes :mrgreen:
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    That office needs to be personalized. I attach my office area. Hasn't been redone in 12 years. :-)


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    OK, if we're doing this... one big difference... my setup doesn't produce income ! Dual monitors for the PC, single monitor on top for the iMac. Brian, before you ask, that screen on the left is the world's first plate modulation xfmr. It was built to the specs written by Loy Barton at U of A in 1928. 500lbs !
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    With a monitor setup like that you should get into website design or programming that WILL produce income. Just need to get a newer Mac Mini with more resources and some software ;)

    And yes, I already knew what that desktop background pic was on the left when I first saw it.

    P.S. Let me know how the pages are loading now. Are they coming up any faster? I don't think all of the cloud servers have fully cached the board yet, but I've noticed things are already starting to get a bit faster. At least we are hidden behind the CloudFare cloud now just like The Pirate Bay and ISIS :lol:

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    The two on the desk were throw-aways from my neighbor in AR. I bought re-cap kits off of EBAY and they have been working fine for about 8 months.
    I have 3 or 4 more PC systems to bring up from AR. I kept them all the way back to 1995 because my audio software is dedicated to each machine. ( formerly known as Creamware )

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    Those old computers won’t be very useful today except for supporting your old audio stuff. Anything that's older than around 2012 is going to have issues here on the web. A lot has changed in the past 4 years or so. I was amazed I was able to keep my old 2006 iMac going for so many years until it finally died. When I got my new 2015 model it was like WOW! and realized I should have upgraded a few years earlier.

    The technology has always advanced in spirts. There would be a big jump to where if your PC was only a few years old you were shit out of luck. Then it would slow down to where you didn’t have to upgrade for a while until the next big jump (spirt) happened. This time the Internet itself is changing really fast and within just the past few years another spirt has been happening and this one is more of a leap than a jump. There are a lot of old websites still on the web that will all of a sudden stop working as their hosting companies finish updating their servers. There’s going to be a big leap from php 5.x straight to php 7.x coming soon for example and that’s only one of the things that will be changing.

    Hey now, if you look close I do have two small pictures in frames on both side of the PC :biggrin: