Mini VNA 0.1 - 180 MHz Antenna Low/High Pass Filter Analyzer

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio' started by NewWave, May 6, 2017.

  1. NewWave

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    I bought radio stuff from a deceased amateur, and also found this Mini VNA between it. After testing, all was running except SWR information and i have found out that the SWR Coupler (PDC-10-1BD) was defective.
    I have disassembled this SWR coupler and buy a new one. After replacement this part, and calibrate, he is like a new one.. I will test/compare it after, by my own new one i have, to make sure he is working.
    If there are interested people who want to buy this Mini VNA after repair, please let me know ..

    He will work by a USB cable and easy to use by Software for WinXP - Win10 or Mac PC/Laptop.

    Mini VNA.jpg


  2. W5HRO

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    On down the road I will probably buy one of those, but I just have too many other things I need to spend any extra money on first.
  3. NewWave

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    An indispensable piece of tool in our RF World.
    A built filter by rf Sim (for example), is never the same as the simulation shows...Never!!

    I use the miniVNA for over 10 years now, I do not use a filter / antenna that comes from a calculator only.
    Practice is never 100% the same as theory.