McIntosh MCD-7005 CD Player

Discussion in 'CD Players' started by W5HRO, Feb 22, 2018.

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    Well, after searching around for months I finally found the MCD-7005 below. It's missing the remote, but it still looks almost new. I should have it in about a week.

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    Once again, vintage McIntosh :mrgreen:


    Currently playing John Mayall's Spinning Coin CD
    IMG_9253 2.JPG
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    I still need to find the service manual if one even exists along with the remote. I have heard that these MCD-7005 players were flawed and partly due to the Phillips lasers going bad, but the one in this MCD-7005 is still good and it's one of the very first ones. It has a really low serial number. Maybe the laser issue was hit and miss from player to player, but apparently McIntosh did something that pissed Phillips off back in the late 1980's and they stopped supplying them with replacement lasers. I did find some original NOS lasers and they are pricey, but I might buy one as a backup just in case.

    Anyway, it's amazing that there is not more information about these players on the web. I cannot find hardly anything about them except for some non-important detail.

    It came with the preliminary owners manual below and then after searching around I found the official one that came out later below.

    IMG_7238.JPG IMG_3413.JPG
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    McIntosh is sending me the service manual for $15 + $8 shipping. I also picked up one of the NOS lasers below for a backup just to be safe.

    So far this 1980's CD player is rocking. It has that older sound :biggrin:

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    Very classy CD player. I just have a Sony Blue Ray that plays everything. I didn't know there was a difference in sound between between players. Detectors, preamps? Most of the music I listen to is in the "cloud." I'm such a Neanderthal. At 80, my hearing is still pretty good but no wheres as good as it used to be. Currently I have a 20 dB loss at 8 Kc due to my age. It recovers and goes out to around 12 to 15 Kc. So, I'm out of the game so to speak regarding the finer points of hearing music.

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    I think part of it is the older lasers. The conversion is only 16-bit, but these older first generation players just have a different sound. I guess a way to explain it is they have that softer analog sound, if that makes any sense.

    Anyway, I just wanted something older and more vintage that wouldn't look so out of place with my 1700 receiver and 101 EQ. When the 7005 is in the wooden cabinet it goes better with it. It’s the same width too.
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    Works for me. My current setup is shown in the attachment along with a pair of Polk RT-7 book shelves. I'm quite happy with the setup but may add a 15" powered sub-woofer to accommodate those 64' pipes on pipe organs. BTW the RX is 100 watt / channel.

    W1VTP AUDIO.jpg POLK RT-7.jpg
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    Do you have a good streaming source for that CD? The version I got off my Amazon Prime was recorded off someone's IPhone (so it seemed) and was poor quality with practically no bottom end and little highs - pretty peaky EQ.
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    You mean the John Mayall CD? The CD itself does have plenty of bass and so does his latest one. I bought that CD back in the 90's when it first came out. That's why I bought the player. From about 1985 until today I purchased nothing but CD's since they had stopped making vinyl until recent years.

    I’ll have to search around to see what’s available, check your PM, I’ll send you a message if I find something. The best 3 Mayall CD’s are Spinning Coin, A Simple Life, and then his latest one, Talk About That.