40-Meters Local California AM Activity

Discussion in 'Ham Bands' started by W5HRO, Jun 19, 2014.

  1. W5HRO

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    I threw up a temporary wire last night until I get my new antenna up and there seems to be a lot of local AM activity around 7290 here in California in the late afternoon hours. I'm actually a bit surprised for this time of year.
  2. W6ZKH

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    Well after playing on 10M AM all day, I thought I would go see if anything on 40M, and see if for the first time I could hook up with some. Well sure did, Tom W6TSJ and he was trying out a old Harvey Well Bandmaster he had just refurbished and I was his first contact with it... it was running all of 15 watts to a low G5RV.. It ws a nice 15 minute QSO and he has some nice gear looking at his QRZ.com page too... then afew more stations from Arizona came on, but could only hear one, but he couldnt hear me and my 25 watts, but hooked up with another AZ station. Abit later I hooked up with Jerry KI6TDW in Earp, Ca and both of us reported decent signals. Looks like 7293 khz is the freq, but then the SSB boys roam close and get some splatter, but didnt bother us too bad.. So, will have to keep a more close watch on 40M now..