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Discussion in 'Chat' started by W5HRO, Oct 15, 2016.

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    Anyone have links to AM receivers online?

    I did re-find the one below because it moved from where it was last year. It has both 75 and 40 meters.

    And then this one below just came back online. I was gone when I first tried it this morning.
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    Thanks, I have that one tuned to 3870 right now. I was listing to the one in Arizona here in the shack today while I was working on the NC-303. I tried to work on it after work earlier this week, but when I cleaned up the shack back in August along with the garage, I really cleaned up! Now I'm having trouble finding all of the parts and stuff I put away back then. I spent almost 2 hours today just trying to find the small bag of dam cable ties I had :twisted: I tried to find them the other night, but gave up.

    Anyway, I found most all of it now, but it sucks getting old and trying to remember where the hell you put stuff after several weeks pass by especially when you have been busy. I did find my old hot glue gun from 20 years ago and glued the new electrolytic caps together after wiring them up. Just trying to finish wiring up the new regulators now.

    Oh, we did get a little rain over an hour ago, but it stopped already. Did you get any over in Livermoore? Where’s the dam storm they said was coming yesterday (Friday) morning?
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    DRZ is a good receiver I use it quite a bit myself while lurking around the AM frequency's. I've also used Arizona as well, but seem to keep coming back to W6DRZ.
    It just got done pouring here started around 1900 hrs local.

    Was thinking of going to the Pacificon swap meet tomorrow, but I have a feeling it's going to be rained out, anyway I'll play it by hear when I wake up.
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    Right now have all 3 of those receivers running on 7293 AM simotaniously with a 8.09kc bandwidth. That gets 7290 and 7295 both and covers California through Arizona to Alabama. There was also one in the Midwest last year like in Ohio, or Michigan I think. Need to find that one again and bring it up at the same time as well.

    P.S. It's rained here starting late last night and hasn't stopped since :icon_thumbup:
    [doublepost=1476644691,1476644078][/doublepost]Found it, it's in Michigan:
    P.S. What you do is install an auto refresh extension to your browser and set the time so it keeps refreshing the pages so they wont time out.
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    I have been playing with those web SDR receivers. In the evenings, around 9pm, I have twice tried to see which ones I could hit.

    A few weeks ago I was playing with a 10 watt tune signal on 75m, and I could hit all of those 4 receivers mentioned. I wasn't very strong, with the exception of the Alabama receiver where I had a surprisingly good signal. I could have made CW contacts on all four, but even 100w SSB came through pretty weak with the exception of the Alabama receiver.

    Earlier this week I tried the same four SDR receivers when transmitting on 7160. I was heard ONLY in the Arizona and California receiver. With a noise floor of about S5 on those receivers, I could make an S9 signal with a lot of QSB. The Ca. receiver picked me up a little stronger than the Arizona receiver. That should have been good enough for SSB, and possibly AM. If I had QRO capability, I'd be strapping on the west coast. The downside of QRO though is that folks hear you but you cannot hear them.

    On 7160, I also have a 16 X 8 foot vertical loop, bottom is 8' off the ground. This is a full wave loop on 15m, or 1/3 wave on 40m. My signal into Ca. peaks S9 just like the OCF 80m inverted V. The inverted V seems to stay stronger longer, but both signals peak the same amount.

    I like those SDR receivers.

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    That's a good way to test band conditions...

    One thing I've noticed about some of those receivers though is many suffer from image and intermod. That one here in California on 75-meters is pretty bad about it. You can hear a BC station bleeding over into it. It's mainly because of the active antennas they use. I'm not sure what they have on that particular receiver, but I would bet it is something like the mini whip below that covers everything from 10kc up to 30Mc.


    What I did yesterday was installed Chrome and added one of the refresh extensions to it to where it was refreshing each of the receivers via separate tabs or windows every few minutes to keep them from timing out. All you have to do is use the direct URL links like the one below to keep it on the same frequency and mode. There may be a way to add more to the URL and also select filter bandwidths and etc., but I have not had time to read the instructions on the main WebSDR website yet.
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    I added and new Live Radio tab at the top of the board so when you click on the arrow on the tab the dropdown menu below will pop-up. I'm going to add more locations (receivers) and bands, but for today its good enough to get started.


    When I get the chance I may create an actual xenforo overlay (window) that will pop-up when the radio tab is selected instead that will have radio buttons that can be selected with maybe a way to enter refresh delays for each of them, etc.
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    Thanks for the new tab nice to have them all in one place.
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    When I have time later this winter I will create an overlay box like the below that will pop up when you click on the Tab instead or just another page which will maybe have radio buttons to check.

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    I went ahead and quickly created a main page so when you click on the tab there is a list now for 40 and 75 meters both.

    Anyway, I have not checked all of the links yet and it's a little crude, but I can add a hidden table in the background for better alignment with some radio or listen buttons later.
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    I cleaned up the receiver list format last night and it now looks like the below when you click on the tab. There is also currently a receiver in New Jersey so I will add that one for 40 and 75 meters as well.

    Does anyone have any other popular AM frequencies say like on 20 meters? What about 15-meters or on any of the warc bands? There is also a way I can add sort arrows at the top like Excel so I may or may not add that later on. I think I will add WWV on there too, but it will be a separate list.

    Anyway, once I get the base format completed with all of the frequencies added I can add on to it from there.