Lewiston fest & Larry's after fester

Discussion in 'Chat' started by K4TQF, Mar 27, 2016.

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    Well... the Lewiston fest was a bust as far as stuff for sale, but well attended. The parking lot at the Ramada was full with standing room only inside. Went to Larry's after fester and met a few folks. Tim was there but I just waved at him because I haven't had my shots yet. :lol:

    Larry has quite the collection of old buzzard "stuff". Upstairs station was very "neat". Very enjoyable... fun was had by all.
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    Pics ?
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    No Pix of the fest or the folks there. Larry is only about 15 miles north of me in Gray, so I'm sure I could take some pix of his collection sometime. He has just finished a 1936 Breitling restoration that sounded great on AM & ssb.
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    Go back up there and bring your whatever you use and grab some pictures. With Larry's permission, of course. Sorry I missed the post fester fester. I was draggin' my hinie

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    Yeah... I need to go back up a visit him. I lost you in the noise this morning (4-7 ) That's the first time that has ever happened... I guess the seasons really are changing. I was saying that I would be happy to come build a shed 4 U. But the XYL has banned me from all outside activities until I get this house painted. She really cracks the whip ! This old place was built in 1900 so, the "honey do's" are endless ! Yesterday, she had me re-tiling the bathroom.
    _._ Durff
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    Put up a really good antenna for 40-meters and get it up as high as you can. That band has been staying pretty good lately. If I get back on the air next winter that will probably be the band I will focus on the most and maybe we can work each other if we choose the right frequencies. The foreign BC stuff isn't as bad as it once was. I don't stay up late anymore so 75-meters would be pointless I think and I really don't care about the higher bands anymore. I use to love 10-meters, but the cycle is ending so that band is shutting down again. Plus, I did get back on there about 2 or 3 years ago and became bored really quick and left because I didn't see the point. George, W1GAC isn't there anymore. He was the main iconic presence on 10-meter AM for decades and now that he's gone I've lost interest in it.

    Anyway, same thing with 40-meters. W8VYZ, VE4BX, and most of the others are SK now so getting motivated and having a reason to get on there isn’t easy to find anymore. Doug was in Canada and I worked him all of the time from Tulsa so it shouldn’t be to hard for us to work each other from California to Maine if you run enough power. At least 300W carrier out minimum. My HB rig will do almost 500W carrier out. Maybe if you put up a 40-meter vertical it could help, but I will be on the flat-side unless I also throw something else up. Maybe get your 4-400 rig going.

    When I do get back on I will also try punching a hole on 3880 in the evenings, but I don’t think it will do much good unless I stay up past midnight which I wont, except on very rare occasions. I think 40-meters is the better choice. Not only that, on 40 you and AL could talk everyday no matter what time a year it was ;)
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    "...When I do get back on I will also try punching a hole on 3880 in the evenings, but I don’t think it will do much good unless I stay up past midnight which I wont, except on very rare occasions. I think 40-meters is the better choice. Not only that, on 40 you and AL could talk everyday no matter what time a year it was ;)..."

    That'll work
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    I moved my 80M dipole up so it's about level and out in the clear. I'm dropping the 80M inverted V out of the tree and connecting a rope to support the center of the dipole. While I have the V down, I'll trim it for 40. I have a pulley at the apex on a support pole, so it won"t be that hard to do.

    My lot sits sideways. The house sits NE-SW in the far NW corner of a 100 X 100 lot. If I get that W1HIS fan dipole up it would be aimed toward the southwest . It has a cardioid pattern. I don't know where you would be in that pattern.
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    Lewiston where? Idaho? Montana? Kentucky?
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    Lewiston Maine.

    Mike, unless you get that antenna up to around 90 feet or so it really doesn't matter. Dipoles lower than 1/2
    wavelength are pretty much cloud burners

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    Not many of us can pull that one off I'm stuck with the cloud warming style on 80 myself, I envy you guys with tall trees. I tried running 160 with a dipole one time that sure was a waste could hardly work into the next state with it. Shunt feeding the tower solved the 160 bug, all though for close in comm's the dipole would probably work better then the vertical does.
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    How R U ? I' been down in Arkansas for about a month. Working on the shack and cleaning out the house. It's been on the market for a few weeks. Lots of lookers, but no offers.
    Made a contact last night about with OK2RZ just after midnight CDT. on 14.235 running 5 watts into a 20 meter dipole about 15 feet off the ground ! Took me about 15 minutes to get thru the pileup. Of course, he has extensive antenna farm, ground radials and he waters his land with salt water. So, he was doing all the heavy lifting. Take a look at his QRZ page.

    Making lots of contacts to 7 & 9 land while here... I must be in the middle hop. Propagation, propagation, propigation!

    Ordered a bunch of Flexweave for my planned W1HIS multiband sloping fan dipole. Got a line on an old Harris 4-1000 101a amplifier in Memphis. Don't know if I'll be able to make a deal on it or not.

    Return to Maine in July....

    73 Mike
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    VER-TI-CAL for the long-haul stuff.
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    I have an old R-7... But I think the matchbox needs re-building. It's pretty deaf. My AEA anylizer is in Maine, so, I really can't check it. I have it sitting on a water pipe ground at the end of the driveway, and swapped the coax between it and the dipole which hangs at approximately the same height. The dipole won.
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    I remember that topic: Modifying a Cushcraft R7 vertical ?

    That would work if you can beef it up to handle the high AM carrier power and stick it up real high in one of those trees. Maybe run a pole up to where the radials are just above the top of the tree. Then screw the pole to the tree trunk itself so the whole tree will add to the radial system.
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    Lots and lots of radials or the IR losses will eliminate any advantage the vertical has.
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    The R7 just has those vey short counterpoise radials AL, so I don't think screwing a metal mast/pole to the tree would take away from its advantage. If anything it would probably help.

    One thing for sure, it would make a good lightning rod :lol:
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    "How R U?" I'm fine. Got almost 600 miles under my belt on my new trike. My goal is 1,300 miles for this 2016 season.

    IMG_1130 z.jpg
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    You need to replace that fiberglass flag pole with a 40-meter whip or bug catcher antenna Al then mount a 12V motorcycle battery and get a 2.5 to 5-watt 40-meter mobile radio for it. When I was a teenage kid I did a similar thing with my Schwinn Sting Ray bicycle and mounted a 10-meter steel whip with 10-meter xtals plugged into one of those small TRC-11 six channel realistic CB's mounted on the handle bars. It's too bad the Retro-75 / Retro-40 radio guy is gone because the website no longer exists http://www.smallwonderlabs.com. He must have become tired of it or there was just not enough interest. One of those kits would have been perfect.


    Anyway, if you are on the east coast and wanting to work the west coast a vertical antenna will out-perform a 1/2 dipole on 80 and 40-meters regardless of how high the dipole is for North American coast-to-coast DX at night. .