AM KVOO 1170kHz

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    When I lived in Tulsa KVOO was the strong AM station there, but a country station. It’s still going on 1170 today. What’s funny is they had a real problem with the power company and RFI when they moved from Bristow to Tulsa back in 1928. The power company there, PSO had their poles spaced apart and terminated an exact quarter wavelength for 1170kHz. Well, needless to say it created a real problem for homeowners because you would often hear KVOO coming across electronic devices in your house. It wasn't a big problem in those early years, but it started getting really bad in the late 1960's and 70's when consumers started obtaining more and more electronics in their homes like from Japan. KVOO spent a ton of money on and off for decades working with PSO trying to resolve the problem, but they were never able to fully eliminate it 100%.

    Anyway, when I moved away from there in 2000 it was still a problem and I doubt they were ever able to make it any better.