James-Baxandall Passive Tone Control Network

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    A study of the known James Passive Tone-Control Network for independent control of treble and bass frequencies in audio amplifiers is presented here in the attached file. Current available literature lacks design information on this specific network so, with the hopes that it will be found helpful, academically and in the practice, it is presented here. The article described in Reference 2 at the end of the paper is available by e-mail for anyone interested in the topic. However, please take notice that it was written in Spanish as draft work several years ago.

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    If someone is interested in the said reference 2 at the end of article, just let me know at:

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    I'll have to look at this when I have time. I played around on the spice simulator (LTspice) about 3 years ago trying to see if I could come up with a decent tone control circuit for my home-brew transmitter's speech-anp driver rack, but I never did anything to it.